Thursday 16 January 2014

Style: Bohemian Rhapsody

There are only a few moments in life when we meet perfection. Meeting the perfect partner is hitting the jackpot. If you got that, you are very fortunate indeed.
Finding the perfect dress is another rare one. It may not seem so important until you need it: for an interview to make you feel confident; for class reunions; when you are invited to the same event as your man's ex and need to look good.

Yesterday, perfection found me. I got the absolute perfect purse! My sweet friend Sasha gave it to me because she said it screams "Miriam". It does!! Can you hear it?
The shape! The studs!! The colours!!!! It's the perfect size! You can wear it across your body or over one shoulder (bless you, adjustable shoulder strap). It has gold details, which I like so much better than silver. It has decorative and practical zippers! The pattern!
Did I mention the awesome colours?!

My style has been evolving in the last little while and leans more and more towards Bohemian. I love bright colours, dresses, boots, quirky patterns, messy hair, hats. This purse encompasses it all perfectly. I will carry it with me until it falls apart (which is hopefully never!). 

Hat: Pacsun (from last year)
Scarf: Forever 21 (another gift from Sasha - I love her)
Vest: Winners
Top: Ross
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: so old I can't remember (most likely from The Shoe Company, I like their boots)

And here, the soundtrack for this post on this #tbt. I used to be quite obsessed with Queen as a teen, and this one is a classic!

xoxo Miriam

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  1. That is a great purse! I do not have a me purse right now and you are so right about how good it feels to have on that fits each little niche you want it to!

    1. That't the thing about these "me" items, you can't just go out and find them, they have to find you. I hope "your" purse will find you soon!

  2. You look so could I could die!!!! Love the whole ensemble!! God you're adorable!!

    1. *blushing* awe shucks, thanks babe! *goofy grin spreading across my face*


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