Thursday 9 January 2014

The birdcage

Amongst the many animals we have, the songbirds are some of my favourites. We like to sit in front of the aviary on a sunny day and listen to them serenading us. 
A few days ago when I was feeding them I couldn't resist to take some quick snapshots!
The ever popular over-the-shoulder-smoulder. Such a poser!
 "Just hanging out with my dove buddies."
He tried to escape me, but I was faster. Gotcha!
We have a lot of finches.
Our Lady Amherst pheasant is swishing his impressive tail back and fro. You go boy!

Happy Thursday peeps! It's a blah one over here, but what can you do. Rain+sick hubby+sick old me.
January, so far you are underwhelming, step up your game! Take a look at that pheasant and be more like him: flamboyant, pretty and fun. Please?

Much obliged,

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