Wednesday 5 February 2014

Blog world's next superstar?

There are some talented dogs in the blog world. Monja is a hilarious and incredibly handsome Corgi who occasionally blogs at Melyssa's Nectar Collective. There seems to be a dispute of whose blog it actually is, each one claims it's their own - it's confusing.

Then there is Toast, who regularly takes center stage at Princess Burlap. He is really smart and philosophic, and even quite the entrepreneur, starting his own water business with his mom's ankle water!

Amber's little guy Rubin is pretty badass and also insists that Forever Amber should really be his blog - you gotta admit, Forever Rubin has a ring to it, doesn't it.

Seeing all these talented child puppy stars out there has brought out my inner momager. I'm dreaming of a big writing career for Lily. Or maybe modelling? There is a contest at Bosley's... it's supposed to be a smiling contest, but Lily's smize is way better. Judge for yourself:

See? What did I tell ya. Killer smize. Modelling from H to T. Tyra would be proud!

However, I am a bit worried about her weight:

I mean, look at that belly. I'm sure it's just bloat. Yes, that's it. She gets it from mommy, poor thing. Bloat is our mutual nemesis!

But, to be on the safe side, I think she should stick to writing. Nobody wants to be on a lifelong diet. And modelling is so competitive. And what if big ears and short legs are out of style? Fashion is a fickle beast.
No, better to get her writing skills up to snuff.
I shall start her lessons immediately. Because she can't write yet. Is that normal for a 4 months-old? Is she a late bloomer? Oh, the worrying never stops.

Being a writer can be a challenging business. You constantly need new ideas. An insight into the world. Deep thoughts and strong opinions. As her mother, it is my job to give her all the opportunities I can. So I'm letting her have as many hobbies as she likes! So far she has shown interest in the following:

Bite the bottle. She is very good at it. This is closely related to hide the bottle:

And there is also dancing with bottle:

Hmm, she is quite obsessed with the bottle. Should I be concerned? Where in the world could she have seen that? (*Hides wine bottle behind garbage can*)

Luckily, she has more interests.
Playing hide and seek:

Therapeutic hand licking:

Philosophising deep into the night:

Partying, dancing, exercising and philosophising all covered? Her future is looking bright!
This girl is unstoppable.
Watch out, world!

xoxo Miriam

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  1. She's crazy cute! At least she is attached to the bottle and not shoes :)

    1. Haha very true! The bottle and socks, I can live with that :-)

  2. This was wonderful! My grandparents old dog also loved bite the bottle which I found quite amusing but some others found really obnoxious!

    1. My husband hates it! Because of the noise she makes, he says he can't focus on the TV. I think it's the most adorable thing ever! He'll take the bottle away, and as soon as he leaves the room I give it back to her. Muahahaha!!

  3. I'm seriously obsessed with your puppy!! She's so adorable and looks like the most cuddly thing you'd ever find...personally, I'm planning on adopting a chocolate lab the moment I graduate from university, but I'd definitely be talked into a a second pup if I could find one like her! <33
    ~ Samantha


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