Sunday 2 February 2014

A surprisingly great day

Today was a really, really good day. For a few unexpected reasons.

Work was fabulous today. Yes, I'm not kidding. You may remember that I mentioned before that I am grateful for my work family. Today was one of those days where this opinion was reinforced.
First off, they complimented my hairdo. I tried my hand at this updo, and two of my lovely coworkers noticed and said something nice about it. Score! Hair and I have a tricky relationship (read here and here), and I am working very hard on improving it.

We also had a great potluck: meatballs in teriyaki sauce, samosas, homemade dip and chips, rice and spicy chicken, caesar salad, banana bread, cookies... it was divine. (I brought the salad. It came in a bag. Lame. I am ashamed of myself.)

Then we played darts on the magnetic whiteboard. With magnets. (Obviously.) Even though I sucked, it was awesome.

One of the doctors told us a bit about his experience as a doctor in Africa - totally mindblowing! He is an amazing storyteller and kept us in stitches. And amazed. It was magical!

After work we took Lily out for a bit, which is always fun because strangers tell me how cute she is. Who doesn't love that?
This is heavily smoothed out. I want to be proud of my wrinkles, but they were just too much. I have no courage.

And then, to top it all off, I actually went for a walk! Finally, after about a week, I gave myself a swift kick in the butt, sucked it up and went. And loved it, of course. As I knew I would. My laziness is tremendously annoying and I shall not succumb to it in the future.
(This sounds very British and pretentious. I apologize. Too much Downton Abbey.)

This concludes this rather strange post. All I can say in my defense is this: I had no high hopes for this day. And it turned out way better than expected. There's gotta be a life lesson in there somewhere.

xo Miriam

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  1. Very impressive with the updo. I'm hopeless with styling my hair...can't use a curling iron and bobby pins defy reason to me (I don't get how they all go in to create the style). Glad you had such an unexpected good day!

    1. I'm hopeless, too! The worst at doing hair and make-up. The bobby pin conundrum is mystifying to me as well, I don't really get how they work. Yesterday was probably a total fluke and will never happen again. But I'm determined to practice, practice, practice!


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