Tuesday 4 February 2014

Spread the love! A love-ly giveaway

There is a saying in German: "Kleine Geschenke erhalten die Freundschaft." It means, "little gifts maintain a friendship". Even though I quite often disagree with Germans, with this saying I agree 100%.

You, my readers, mean the world to me. This place here is my home. I so enjoy coming here every day, hanging out with you guys, and letting my thoughts come to life on screen.
I don't think I thank you often enough for dropping by, commenting, and showing me so much love.
Thank you with all my heart!
It wouldn't be the same without you. I was never a diary keeper like so many other bloggers. Simply writing for myself isn't for me. It is the interaction with you that makes it so much fun and rewarding!

As a token of my appreciation, and since Valentine's is around the corner, I have a little gift for you. A love-necklace for showing my love. It may be cheesy, but it needed to be done! ;-)

Taking these photos was shockingly difficult. First off, I never knew that my neck is a problem zone for me, but I know now. I have the beginnings of a turkey neck! What the hell??
There are so many creases and wrinkles, where do they come from? My love of the sun? Insufficient moisturization? Being in my thirties? All of the above?

It was an eye opener, and let me just say, I liked my eyes firmly shut, thankyouverymuch. 
Don't even get me started on close-ups of my chin. Could my pores be any bigger? (I sincerely hope not.) Another valuable lesson I learned today: nostrils look humongous when shot from below. Not a good look.
It was a rude awakening. To spare you, I cropped and blurred the shit out of these photos. You are welcome.

(Except the last one. The sun just managed to get a beam into our living room for about 2 minutes and hit me while I was taking pictures this morning. I like the play of light and shadow. So I'm sacrificing my vanity for the sake of art. Sort of.)

There is only one solution for it: Next time I will get one of these black velvet neck mannequin thingies. 
Or invest in photoshop. 

But forget about my neck issues. Enter below to sparklify yours!

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All my love, Miriam

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  1. Honestly, I don't really care either way. I never understood people who threw "single" parties and such. Even when I wasn't in a relationship (which was most Vdays), I always like the candy ;)

  2. Love it! Well, I love all the love and the red and pink and happiness. But in reality, we never do anything. :)

  3. I like to say I do not care but one year Fredrik bought me a box of chocolates when he thought I was not looking at the store and it really made me happy!

  4. Thank you. You made me laugh. I needed that :)

  5. I love it. I love any reason to celebrate my love.

    And for what it's worth, I didn't see anything in those pictures but the necklace. You're far too hard on yourself.

    1. The blurring and cropping worked! Haha I'm just kidding, thank you so much.
      I'm fine with getting older, just surprised to see all these changes. You are all so kind!
      I love love as well, there's nothing more important!

  6. I love Valentine's day just for the idea of it. Oddly, at this point in life I think I enjoy it more as a single person! There's just less pressure and I can treat myself if I so choose :)
    By the way, those photos (and you) look great! No need to worry about bad angles :)

  7. Hmmph I didn't think my comments posted yesterday... stupid Iphone. Valentines day is no big deal in our house anymore. Allyson's birthday is on the 17th and our anniversary a two weeks prior, it got to be ridiculously expensive. no biggie - it's not like we never go to the movies or out to eat anyway.
    And - you are beautiful. Stop picking apart your features ;0)

  8. I'm a sap so I totally love all the gushy romance. Agreed it is way too commercialized, but I love the warm and fuzzy lovely of it.

  9. Love it, but dont love the extravagant spending

    1. I hear ya! Same here. Give me a hug and a kiss and I'm a happy girl. Oh, and some champagne, please. Any excuse for champagne!


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