Thursday 13 February 2014

Lamb post

Today's post is brought to you directly from the sheep stall. I feel that I have neglected our Barbados sheep on the blog, and there is a reason for it: they are kind of dull. As sheep go they are no better or worse than others, but - come on, they don't have the most vibrant personalities you have ever encountered. It's nice seeing them as a group grazing on the field in the summer. And that's about it.
But there is one huge exception:
Babies!! I love little lambs! These guys look like little deer, and I find them beyond adorable.
"Hi! I would like to tell you my name, but my mom hasn't named me yet. Because she doesn't care. 
I don't like her very much. And I mean you, human mom, not my sheep mom. She's the best."

Ouch, honesty hurts. I'm so sorry little lamb! I shall name you .... Jack! Let me introduce you to Jack, the lamb.
(I think he's a boy. But I'm not a 100% sure about that. Mental note: Find out if Jack is a boy. If not, he/she will be Jackie! No harm done.)

I swear, I don't treat all my pets with indifference! The sheep are really Richard's pets. Ask any of my dogs and they will tell you that I'm the best mom! Right, guys? Guys...??

Linking up with Jackie and Nicole today.

xo Miriam

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  1. Aw I love sheep and especially little lamb faces! Ahhh <3

  2. Miriam! You are so funny and the last picture of Jack/Jackie is so fricken cute. I need more pets.

  3. HI Miriam! Aww I love the lambs! SO cute!! :) And your doggy too! Happy v-day to you all! <33


  4. Stopping by from the blog hop. Your lambs are beautiful!!!!


  5. Awwww! Itty bitty baby!!! :D We got to see a newborn baby goat at a fair a couple of summers ago... cutest thing ever.

  6. Oh my goodness! CUTE< CUTE<CUTE! I love you photo captions-they're perfect, ha ha!

  7. aw they're so cute! and our first sheep on the linkup hehe. the little baby is so adorable. thanks for linking up with us :)
    -- jackie - jade and oak


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