Friday 7 February 2014

Nobody said a paparazzi's life would be easy

Life as a farm photographer - it sounds so glamorous, doesn't it? Meeting new critters all the time, hanging out at the local watering hole (which is, literally, a watering hole), getting exciting shots of (animal) celebrities in their finest couture. 
One of the most popular watering holes on the farm - everybody who is anybody is there

And quite often it is all that and so much more:
Posing nicely for me. Feathers and crown are perfect. Stunning!
Gorgeous, darling! Who are you wearing?
Uh-huh, is there a scandal brewing? Franz with three ladies? Who will he go home with?
One, two, or all three?? He's such a player. Stay tuned for more!
You work that runway, gorgeous!

If you are nice to me, I'll be nice to you: I shot Nick from his most flattering angle, shaving off at least a couple hundred pounds. (He has a bit of a weight problem.)
Doesn't he look slim and fit?
Fabulous colour on you, handsome!
Those eyes!
Speaking of eyes - your lashes are killer!

But, once in a while, you get the diva. You know the type.
She leaked to me where she would be, and when I showed up she pretended to be all annoyed by the attention.
Hens! They are so spoiled.

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

I'll report back again with the latest news!

Miriam, out

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  1. So funny Miriam!!!! Hahahehehehe Love you

  2. Such a cute way of approaching this - love it! Those photos are great - and I must say the peacock is amazing!!

    1. He's my favourite too! And he loves to pose ;-)

  3. LOL! They really know how to work it!!

    1. Except that Leghorn hen - such a high-maintenance diva. Tsk tsk


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