Friday 7 February 2014

Style: Is there such a thing as too many polka dots?

Of course there isn't. I don't know if you can clearly see it, but I'm holding a polka dot chicken in my hands. They are called Hamburgers, here is a better picture:
I found this cardigan at Superstore a few days ago, for $9.95! Bargains make me so happy. :-)
This cardigan reminded me so much of our Hamburger chickens that I simply had to show you one of them.

It didn't go very well though: I caught the hen when I was still wearing my farm clothes, namely gum boots, sweat pants and a warm coat. Once I had her safely in her cage I got changed and slapped some make-up onto my face. 

I went back outside, quite startled how cold it was in my little cardigan and tights. As soon as I had the camera set up I opened the cage to let the hen out - and she escaped. Darn it!

This was followed by a few intensely frustrating (for onlookers, hilarious) minutes of me trying to catch her. Between the ferns, my impractical clogs, and the freezing cold, it was impossible. 
Despite my awesome net, I didn't catch her.

So I went to the pen and got the rooster, and held on for dear life!

Cardigan: Joe Fresh (on sale right now!); shirt: Joe Fresh (very old); skirt: Smart Set; tights: Old Navy; clogs: Lotta From Stockholm; necklace: Smart Set (old)

Have a wonderful long weekend!
I have to work the next four days, but will start my work week with a Dim Sum lunch tomorrow, so don't feel too sorry.

xoxo Miriam

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  1. That is hilarious! Gave me a good laugh on a dreary day!

    1. Hehe thanks! Next time I will ask my hubby to videotape it, I'm sure me stumbling after that chicken looked hilarious and ridiculous. :-)


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