Saturday 13 July 2013

A bang history

Anybody who's around me in "real" life (you know, the one with the fresh air and real people) is aware that I'm on a quest for long, beautiful hair.
I also wrote about it here a couple of months ago.
Being a fairly impatient person (and that's an understatement if there ever was one!) this has been really, really hard.

I've kept myself motivated by looking at lots and lots of glossy pictures of happy girls swishing their gorgeous, flowing locks around and loving life so much more because of their never-ending great hair days. I've convinced myself that I will never find true joy and happiness unless I have the same long, shiny hair.
So far this ploy has worked and I have managed to not chop it all off. Booyah!

Of course I know that I'm deceiving myself and all my hair expectations are highly unrealistic. But we have the freedom to deceive ourselves in whatever manner we please, right? Right.

To break up the boredom of the growing out-phase (I should be out of the awkward stage any day now - please?) I've decided to get bangs. Since this is all part of my future dream hair (long hair and bangs), I thought this will bring me one giant step closer to the goal.

So later today my hairdresser daughter will cut me bangs! I'm excited!!

In the meantime, I will keep you entertained with my personal bang history. Looking at these pictures you will doubt my sanity in deciding to get banged again - I rocked some hideous fringes in my time! But I need a change and I need it now! Besides, hair grows back. Plus it might look really cute. (I've always been a glass half-full kinda girl.)

And I conducted a mini survey on facebook and I got 7 thumbs up (one was a triple, so it's really 9 thumbs up. Or 10?). That's all the encouragement I need.

Okay, so here is the little walk down bang-land. Enjoy!
Cool chick. That was a definite good hair day.

Mom cut these bad boys. Good job mom!

Trying to reach my toes. I was easily entertained. And please pay special attention to the ace decorating scheme! That wallpaper! (Which is actually pretty cool.) And the TV! I wanna point out kids that it was a black and white with 3 channels. In the 80s. Yup, I had a rough childhood. Still major bangs going on.
Ballerina with butchered hair. Oh mom.
First day of school. Again with the atrocious short hair! It was sort of a mullet. Yikes!
I loved that hair. Bangs+long=me likey. But not enough to actually run a brush through once in a while. So my mom chopped it off when I was 8 or 9 years old. I cried and cried. And never managed to grow it back since. Childhood scars!
Go ahead. Laugh. I know you want to. I do the same whenever I see this gem. 14 years old, awkward teenager. 'nuff said.
"Sweet" 16? I don't know about that. I look a bit like Harry Potter. Round face+round glasses is a no-no! Why didn't anybody tell me??
Yes, I used to play the flute. Still wearing those damn glasses. Plus my Vespa earrings because I really wanted a Vespa. (Never got one.)

I saved the best for last: Miriam the Nerd.
I have no words for this.
I hope you had a good laugh!

Happy Saturday, Miriam

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  1. Oh my. I feel so much better about the pictures I posted last week, thank you! Pretty sure I had the exact outfit in the last picture. We were so cute :)


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