Wednesday 1 October 2014

Blogtober has arrived!

It is finally here! Taylor's and Helene's Blogtober challenge has arrived, and I am thrilled. 
Here is the deal: we all try to blog in October, including weekends. It's totally bananas, and I for one can't guarantee that I will be able to do it - but let's not start talking defeat on the first day, okay? Let's get this party started! Are you with us?

Today's prompt: If you won the lottery you would

How often have you fantasized about that possibility? If you are like me, many, many times. But while it may be fun to go shopping for a day and buy whatever your heart desires (and pay off all the debt!), I always feel that winning the lottery could do more harm than good. Let me explain:

1. Work sucks, no doubt about it. I go because they pay me, and the minute I win the big bucks, I would quit. But once in a while, you also get some satisfaction out of it, and it makes you feel good inside. No really, it's true. There are several things I would miss out on if I didn't work: patients telling me I'm good at my job (best feeling ever!); fun with co-workers; the satisfaction of a job well done; all the free food. Even though I wouldn't need free food if I was rich... oh, who am I kidding, free food always tastes better, right?

2. Not that I have ever been in that situation, but you always hear that famous and/or rich people have a hard time determining who their real friends are. Fame and wealth attract a whole whack of parasites, and that is pretty sad. Quality over quantity, real over fake!

3. If we would have a couple of extra millions lying around, I'm pretty sure we would end up on an episode of animal hoarding. My husband couldn't help himself - he would buy all the animals!

4. But the most important reason: Paydays.
Does one ginormous payday make up for all the bi-monthly happy days?
I'm not convinced.

That's why I don't play the lottery.

Do you hope to win the lottery? What would you do? Tell us!

The Daily Tay

xo Miriam

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  1. I attempted to do Blogtober last year, when my blog was only a baby (3 months old - aww) and I wasn't ready yet. I tried blogging every day but I didn't use a list of promps or anything so I burned it out by day 10 (As you can see, those posts are not longer on my blog!) You, on the other hand, are a seasoned blogger and I can't wait to see how Blogtober goes for you! I love the idea of it and think it's such a great idea!
    PS I like payday...a makes these crazy days totally worth it!
    ~ Samantha

  2. yay for blogtober! as much as i'd like to, i'm not participating.. i tried last year and i failed miserably ^^ but i'm so glad that you're doing it! your blog is so fun to read, i always look forward to your posts. so reading every day is even better. good luck with the challenge!

  3. Oh that E card!! Hysterical. I'm joining in on the fun for #blogtober14, lofty goals to blog every. single. day! Good luck!

  4. First of all best of is bananas!!! I would love to win the lottery, though I only play every once in a blue moon :) I would travel for the whole first year, everywhere!! Then write a business plan and start a brewery, and we wouldn't have to completely kill ourselves doing it because we have the extra $$.

  5. I would totally animal horde, too! I've fantasized about buying a huge ass plot of land and SAVING ALL THE ANIMALS!

  6. Hahah if I had the money I would probably buy a farm and end up with tons of animals. Horses, cats, and dogs. I would save all the animals if I could. I even thought of starting some kind of animal shelter farm.


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