Thursday 13 November 2014

Unconditional love

Have you ever heard the saying: "If you are lucky, you will have one true love."?
I swear I have, but for the life of me, I can't remember who said it. It must have been in a movie. Or in a book? Pretty sure it was in a movie. Or a book made into a movie?


I have to disagree. So far, I have experienced twelve true loves. And I am confident there are more to come in the future.

Oh, you don't believe me?

Well, let me tell you a little bit about my loves.

There was Tina, my first. I was very young when we met - 4 years old, I believe. It lasted for 10 years, and it was beautiful. She was flawed and needy, but our mutual love for food and Barbie dolls forged a lasting bond.

After her, there was Ronja. She was black, sleek and beautiful. I left her when I was 19 (moved away to go to college), and I believe she never forgave me for that. Neither do I.

After Ronja I didn't have anybody for a few years. Those were bleak, lonely years, void of that unconditional love I had grown so accustomed to. Fortunately, I hit the jackpot at age 23: Three devoted loves at once! Their names were Winky, Jackson and Blue, and they took me in graciously, despite already having and loving their original family.

After those three incomparable friends, there were several more in short succession: Eddy and Bianca; Snowflake; Sheila; Bear; Phoebe; and Lily.

The last five are still in my life today, and they are the lights of my life. SO excited to see me every single day. Always grateful. Always happy. Always ready to play and make my day.
No drama. No politics. No withholding of affection. No sulking or punishment.
Why, please tell me, would one ever want to live without that kind of love?

No matter how hard or stressful or disappointing my day has been, they always make it better.
So what if they are hairy? So are we.
So what if they get dirty? So do we.
So what if they need daily exercise? So do we.
So what if they need daily attention? So do we.

Love is messy. It's untidy, dirty, full of complications, and it isn't always easy.
But for me, the alternative is unthinkable. A life without dogs would be cleaner for sure. Maybe easier. But also 100% lonelier. Who would make me laugh uncontrollably? Who would turn my day around from sucky to fun?

Dogs don't expect anything in return for their love. It truly is unconditional. When it is reciprocated, they will be yours for life.
My sweet babies, this is a love letter to you. I'm so happy you all were and still are in my life!

This ends this mush-overload.
Dog lovers, you understand, right? Non-dog lovers, I don't understand you.

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  1. Awww this is such a sweet post! Dogs truly are the most amazing companions. I've had two great loves in my life: Heidi and Coco, and though Heidi passed away almost 8 years ago now, she still holds a place in my heart :) And next December hopefully I'll be meeting my next great love!!!
    ~ Samantha
    PS Serious animal envy going on :) I love all your pooches!

  2. I totally understand the Unconditional Love for the Pets but really totally (and nothing compares to that, yey!)
    but I think they said it about humans :]

  3. Life has never been the same since our rescues came to us. <3

  4. My doggies (and one kitty) have been my true loves as well! It is really such a simple kind of love... they love you no matter what, and just want to be with you, even if all you're doing is watching TV. Whenever I'm having a hard day at work, I just think about how many hours until I'll be back at home with my furry babies!


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