Friday 21 November 2014

Style: Fashion outtakes

You know those fashion bloggers who make it look so easy? Who pull off amazing outfits effortlessly, always looking polished and glam, and who seem to never take a bad picture?

I am not one of them.

Far, far from it. My approach to taking outfit photos is best described as haphazard: I set up my tripod somewhere around the farm, set the timer, run into place and hope for the best. It's pretty much hit-and-miss. The good news is: With that method, there are a ton of outtakes. In fact, the ratio of bloopers versus useable photos is about 10:1.

Today I decided to share some with you. Because what's better than sharing embarrassing photos on the internet? Very little, my friends.

Look at my legs. Doesn't it look photo-shopped? I promise it is not - I actually don't know how to use photoshop. Instead, I'm awkward in real life.
Again, with the legs. Well, leg, to be precise. I apparently have no control over my limbs. (Original post)
That's what happens when the timer runs out and you are not yet ready. (Original post)
Legs, again. (Original post)
I call this the Awkward Egyptian. Nailed it! (Original post)
Yes, there were more. That post was a treasure chest of awkwardness!
That's my "don't jump on me I'm wearing a white dress!"-pose. (Original post)
I tried to be artsy. The dogs look confused. (Original post)

Fellow fashion bloggers, you know what I'm talking about, right? Do you delete right away, or hang on to your outtakes to share with the world?

xoxo Not-easily-embarrassed Miriam

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  1. Awkward Egyptian is my favorite.

    I don't consider myself to be much of a fashion blogger but I get so many outtakes. Everything I do to showcase an outfit is awkward. Maybe that's why I'm not a fashion blogger...

  2. Your legs are so funny! How do you get them to bend that way???

  3. HAhahah hilarious.. love the first one

    1. Hehe, I like to call it the dis-jointed twirl. I was amazed when I saw it. My legs look like a pretzel!

  4. I actually must say that this is the first fashion/outfit post I have ever enjoyed and my favorite one! I mean this is original and fun even though it's not how you wanted it to turn out. But I love it. The last one is my absolute favorite x!
    Loving your blog as well :) - Jade x

    1. Thank you so much!! I tried the "serious" approach to fashion blogging, but it wasn't for me. Honestly, I can't pose for the life of me, so I have given up trying. Instead I goof around with the animals and have a lot of fun doing it!
      Thank you for your kind comment, it made my day!!!

    2. You are more then Welcome!. I think the last/serious one worked.. trust me :D x

  5. Love these photos Miriam! You definitely have some funky leg action going on! But honestly, I hardly even noticed until I read the caption! I was way to focused on the cute outfits! Funny how we're so quick to judge our own work eh!
    Keep up the lovely honest photos, you're an inspiration to us all!

  6. Love the outtakes! Your legs really do have a mind of their own. I had to do a photoshoot this weekend for a fashion blog post. It was only the second time I have ever done it. So awkward! Plus, it was really windy and there were ducks following us everywhere. It was very comical. :)

  7. I love the outtakes! especially the one were the dogs look confused. They are saying "mom don't embarrass us." LOL


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