Friday 12 February 2016

Because I love you

No matter if you like, dislike, or feel neutral about Valentine's day, the fact remains that it exists. Like with any holiday I'm not a huge fan of, I decided a long time ago to adopt the strategy of picking out the parts I like and ignoring the rest. 

Chocolates, flowers, champagne, love - those are all things I can definitely get on board with! I'm a big fan of presents (who isn't?), and I thought Valentine's is the perfect opportunity to show you how much I appreciate you all. Because I really, really do. 

In my almost three years of blogging I have received nothing but love and support (and a couple of hateful, unsurprisingly anonymous comments - I deleted them and decided they are not even worth talking about), and I'm so grateful for it. For you. My readers, partners-in-crime, fellow travellers through life, who help me feel better about myself when I'm down and plagued by insecurity and don't know what I'm doing. 

I want to give you something special - something that means a lot to me, and that I laboured over for thousands of hours. Well, the dearest thing (and only thing, let's be honest here) is my eBook I released in December of last year.

Starting on Monday, February 15 (exactly two months after its release date), it will be available for free for you guys to download! This will be going on all week until Friday, February 19th. 

Here are a few things some extraordinarily kind souls have said about it:

"I was sad when it was over."
"I cried a few times, laughed, and definitely felt like there was someone walking down the same path as me." 
" I have been following Miriam's blog for over a year now, so you can imagine much of my excitement when she announced she was writing a book. I love how her writing voice comes through the pages, and how personal and intimate she got with her stories. If the blog feels like a warm, coffee rendez-vous with a friend. This book felt like stepping in to your friend's house for a nice, long pick me up talk. But most importantly, after reading it, especially about the part where she talks about her depression, made me feel less alone. Thank you Miriam!"
"A well written book that has come from the heart and soul of the author. I very highly recommend it."

To download it, click here.

Remember, it will be available for free starting this coming Monday, Feb 15 until Friday, Feb 19.

Happy weekend!
I hope yours will be filled with lots of champagne and even more chocolate 

Love you!


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