Thursday 25 February 2016

Project Sister Act

This week's style post is going to be different. And I'm super excited about it!
A little while ago I was contacted by Sheela, a fearless fashion blogger, who asked me if I would be interested to participate in a special project: Project Sister Act.

She created Project Sister Act because she wanted to take a stand against fashion "rules", particularly when they relate to age. No mini skirts after the age of 35, no bare arms after 40, no horizontal stripes for certain body types - who made these up, and why should we listen?
Sheela believes "that style knows no age boundary", and I wholeheartedly agree. 

Today I am part of six fashion-loving women, ranging in age from their teens to their 60s, and I'm representing the 30s age group. I have never had a problem with my age, and will declare loud and proud that I am 36 years old, have crow's feet and some silver highlights, and I feel great! 
Also, looking at my outfit, you know what I think of the "no mini-skirt after 35-rule" - I'm happily ignoring it ;-)

Our theme for today was red. Let's get started!

Me, 30s

Dress: ModCloth (not available any more; I found cute alternatives here or here); clogs: Lotta From Stockholm; over-the-knee-socks: old (similar)

So many different and fun interpretations for one style challenge! If you want to know more about where the clothes are from, click through to each lady's own blog. You should do this anyway, because they are all fierce!

Do you believe in following style rules, or in breaking them?


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