Thursday 25 February 2016


Nothing in this world is more complicated than people. At least for me.
When it comes to interacting with fellow humans, you basically have two choices: You can try your best to avoid them and live like a hermit, or you can tell yourself that you're stuck with them, and try to make the best of it.

Option A is much harder than you may think: We need other people for work, help, companionship. It's impossible to avoid them completely, unless you decide to move into the wilderness, where you probably won't survive for very long without any help. So that's out.

Option B it is then, which may appear like the obvious choice, but you know what? Mastering the skill of dealing effectively with others may take you a lifetime to learn.

I searched long and hard for a third option: A happy medium between hermit and social butterfly. Sometimes I think I finally got it: When I had a great day at work, interacting successfully with dozens of people with different personalities and having fun doing it, ending the day with a satisfyingly quiet night at home. Those are the days when I smugly tell myself that "why, you figured it out, Miriam! Life ain't as hard as you make it out to be, and people are fun."

But then there will for sure come days where everybody annoys you, people are unreasonably cranky, a thoughtless (or was it on purpose?) remark about lifestyle choices that are uncannily like yours hits a little too close to home, and you are sick of people.
Sick of how hard it is to say the right thing sometimes. Sick of being hurt, or hurting others inadvertently. Sick of having some people drop out of your life when you don't really know why, and others sticking around like glue when you'd rather see the back of them.
Sweater found here (and soon in my closet) 

I find nothing more challenging, exasperating, yet also rewarding and joyful than people. They surprise you, disappoint you, touch you, make your heart swell with love, make your blood boil with rage, and have the power to make you or break you.    

I have a gratitude journal where I write down all the small and big things in my life that make me happy. It's a habit that is surprisingly effective in finding joy every day! Looking through it, it struck me how often I manage other people in it. Because despite all my grumblings and misgivings, I am a big fan of the human race. There is a lot of kindness in people!

Here are a few moments that restored my faith in humanity and made my heart leap with joy:

That moment when someone gives you a surprise gift and a hug for becoming Canadian.

That  moment when someone cuts his break short to come and help you with a difficult task.

That moment when your car breaks down, and at least ten people stop and ask if you need help in the span of 20 minutes. One person went as far as to park her car, jump out and help direct traffic until the tow truck came. Did I mention that it was in the winter and freezing cold?

That moment when you receive the best reviews you could imagine. It warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

That moment when you receive an email from a stranger, telling you how much they enjoy your blog.

That moment when friends invite you to their family dinner, because they know that you are alone at home.

That moment when someone tells you they love you.

That moment when someone shares his cupcakes with you.

That moment you buy a new cellphone, and the sales clerk tells you that you can use points (that you didn't even know you had) and get the phone for free.

That moment someone tells you that you are beautiful.

That moment someone tells you that you are doing a good job.

That moment when someone is happy to see you.

What are some of your moments that make you grateful for people?   


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