Tuesday 16 February 2016

Happy Birthday Nina!

Our sweet Nina turned one year old yesterday! Instead of going on and on about "where did the time go?" (I hate that, it's actually one of my pet peeves), let's take a look back at her first year.

To read the story how we got her, click here

Baby face
Smaller than the Corgi! (This stage didn't last long)
Little leader
Daddy's girl
Play time

She was so tiny!
Always on daddy's heels

Or on my yoga mat
Suspended in air (more photos of Nina flying are here)
Puppies give the best hugs. 
We were both concerned about Donald Duck, who was sick at the time - but he made a full recovery and lives a happy and healthy life! He also turned out to be a girl, which was a surprise for everyone. 
Is there anything cuter than sleeping puppies? No, there isn't.
Nina is 9 months old here, long and lean like a young foal. 
Resting with one eye open. She might miss something. 

We love you, Miss Nina!


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