Monday 1 February 2016

February goals

Is it just me, or does February have a hint of spring in the air? I saw the first snowdrops today, and the animals were all acting crazy. The horses were bucking and kicking, always a sure sign of spring to come, and all the sheep had escaped and were milling around in front of the barn, were they are not supposed to be. I guess they are as sick of being cooped up in their stall and meadow as I am of being inside the house! I totally understand you, my sweet friends. 

It's goal-setting time! Once again I'm linking up with MariahEstherLindsay and Shannon to #clearthelist.

Clear The List

Before we look at January, I may as well tell you that I didn't do that great. After a strong(ish) start I lost focus and was floundering quite a bit. No idea why, I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. 

Okay, without further ado, here are the goals I set myself for last month:

Get used to new schedule.
This one I consider accomplished! There are a few new duties in my new rotation, and I'm still in the process of learning them, but I'm confident that I will get the hang of them eventually. Surprisingly, I really enjoy the faster pace and busier schedule, and like it more than I dared to hope!

Figure out my "36-project" for this year.
Uhm, nope, not done yet. I'm even contemplating to drop the whole idea, but haven't made up my mind yet. I will let you know. 

Haven't even attempted it. And honestly, I cannot see myself doing that any time soon. Unless you count feeding the animals and doing yoga as mediation? I do sometimes get into that pleasant state where your thoughts take off without you having to do anything, and your entire body relaxes. I also get that when I walk the dogs or go for a nice drive. So I guess, in the traditional sense I failed completely, but if you widen the interpretation, I am integrating meditation into my daily life? Yes?

I'm also still writing into my gratitude journal, which is something I try to incorporate into my daily routine, but I still don't manage to do it every day. 4-5 times seems to be my average, and for now I'm happy with that!

For February I decided to do a few really fun things, so I will get the satisfying sense of accomplishment at the end of the month :-)

February goals:

Participate in #AColorWeek.
The always-creative ladies from A Beautiful Mess recently released a new app called A Color Story. It's a photo-editing app, and while it's not released for Android yet, I'm already a big fan. Take a look at their Instagram, the before and after is fantastic! To celebrate their new release, they are hosting a week-long challenge called #AColorWeek on Instagram.

I'm participating just for fun, since I don't have the app yet. But I love colour, and can't wait to create a rainbow and share it with you next week!

Here's my photo for today (red):

It's just this week, come and join in if you like colour!

Have you heard of it? Apparently it's a thing. You record one second of every day for the entire year, and at the end of the year you have a mini-movie with moments from the last 366 days. While the idea intrigues me, I am reluctant to commit to an entire year. If my gratitude journal is anything to go by, I do poorly on daily challenges. But doing it for 29 days? That seems manageable.
If you would like to do that too, there is an app for that! Click here for iPhone and here for Android.

Take the oath of citizenship.
I already told you guys my big news, and you were all so awesome with your well-wishes and congratulations. Thank you all so much!
Yes, I will be a Canadian very soon, but before that happens I have to swear the oath of citizenship. To the queen! I feel British already.

   London in 2010. He's a pro. 

Do my homework.
Ugh, I signed up for another CT-course, and I have homework to do. While I like to learn some things (anything blog- or yoga-related jumps to mind), I do find it hard to get into other things. Learning the cross-sectional anatomy of head and neck would fall into that category. However, I did sign up for it, so I'll just have to suck it up and learn more stuff about us humans. We are complicated creatures.

And that's it! I'm doing three yoga-challenges this month, which may be overly ambitious - we shall see. But I'm in desperate need of more focus, and all these challenges focus on balance and handstands, right up my alley. I'm pretty psyched about them! The itty bitty hint of spring gave me a ton of energy today, and I take it as a sign that February will be awesome!

What are your goals this month? Tell me and link up with the ladies from #clearthelist!


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