Friday 5 February 2016

Style: Get the London look

I have cabin fever. Or I guess, farm fever would be the more appropriate term. All I can think about lately is travelling, and I've been experiencing intense nostalgia for a trip to London I took with my sister 5 years ago. 

As I was reminiscing about the fun times we had there, I remembered what a lot of the girls were wearing at the time: cutoffs and tights. I have been racking my brain for the last couple of days what to wear for this week's style post, so I took this as inspiration: My own take on the shorts with tights combo. 
I decided a while ago to stop worrying about whether something is trendy or not, and to just wear what makes me feel good. The colourful top and shorts that remind me of summer put me in an excellent mood this morning! That's a win in my book. 

Top: Old Navy; Boyfriend shorts: Old Navy; vest: super-old (cute fringe vest); shoes: Lotta From Stockholm; hair: courtesy of the abundant BC rain

Happy Friday!


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