Sunday 7 February 2016

The week that was all about rainbows

Some weeks start out ordinary, and end with such a beautiful and awe-inspiring twist that you can't help but believe in the magic of life. 
This week was one of those. 

It started out like any other old week: rain, mud, chores, work, dogs, wiping dogs' muddy paws a million times a day, eat, sleep, repeat. There was just one little project to brighten the week: Posting a photo of a specific colour on Instagram once a day to celebrate #acolorweek with the team of A Beautiful Mess
I had so much fun doing that! It made every day special trying to come up with creative ways of incorporating that day's colour into a photo. 

After posting the first picture on Monday (red), one of my Instagram friends (yes, that's a thing) wrote me a message: "I got just the color week for you fun girl! Stay tuned for the theme tomorrow."
I have mentioned it before, but I want to explain again one of the many reasons why I love Instagram. 

Sandra (@artsyoginista), a fun, sweet, accomplished and compassionate yogi started a weekly link-up last year: #humdayfashionasana. Every Tuesday she announces a theme for the next day: It could be dressing up in a specific colour, a theme, or a cause. We have had James Bond week, Sex and the City, yoga at work, yoga and wine (and heels!), a theme dedicated to share stories related to breast cancer, and many more. We recreate the theme in any fashion we want and strike a yoga pose. 

 Somewhere over the rainbow / James Bond / Yoga, heels and wine / Star Wars

This past week, she created a theme inspired by my rainbow week: Somewhere over the rainbow. 
"Someone in this tribe has been demanding a rainbow theme. Let's please get on with it for the love of our tribal sista."

Sandra has created a tribe of like-minded people who come together once a week to have fun. It's as simple as that, but also so much more: She has created a very special corner in the vast space of the Internet to call home.  

But the perfect end to this colourful week happened yesterday: A real, magnificent rainbow, lasting for about 15 minutes. 

That's magic. 

Since I'm convinced that life is giving us clues how to live the best life possible, I found a lesson in this week: You never know what can happen. Even the most boring day has the potential for being extraordinary and magnificent. We have the power to make every day special! 
One tiny step by us will be complemented a hundredfold by the universe. 

Have a colourful and magical Sunday my friends!


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