Tuesday 1 October 2013

Miriam, Blogger

Sorry about the crotch shot. Didn't realize until just now, and don't feel like trying to take another picture.
At least it shows off my pretty new pants.
New month, new challenge! Before you start groaning and click away, let me hasten to add that it's a once a month challenge. So today is the first and only entry for October. Is that better?

It's called the Swiftly painted self portrait challenge and it gives you a 'theme' each month to write about and include an image.
Let's go!

Writing prompt: Reflect and respond to this statement: your followers follow you willingly. Create an image of what describes you as a blogger.

An image that would describe me properly as a blogger (and a person) would be me with some of my animals:

But, it's raining, they are all soggy, and there already exist more photos of me and my babes than any sane person really needs. So I decided to include one that shows another side of me: colourful (as reflected by these awesome pants - just bought them, if you want a pair go to Smart Set, got mine for $25.00!), in my favourite seat, doing my favourite hobby - blogging.
Here is a love letter to you!

Dear blogging world, dear followers,
my life changed for the better when I discovered you some 6 months ago. Before that, I had a pretty decent life I would say - but it lacked a certain something. A little spark, extra excitement, something that would make me wanna jump out of bed in the morning (there is coffee of course - oh how I love you every morning! *takes a sip*).
But you, my followers, make my life so bright and happy. I love your comments! Love, love, LOVE them. It still boggles my mind that strangers come here, read my ramblings, and take the time to express encouragement, understanding, and cheer a sister on. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart.  

For the "follow me willingly" part - I guess you all do, since there really isn't any reward in it for you. Does it give you the same it does to me? Makes you feel understood, not alone, not like the only sometimes crazy, insecure, and simply odd person out there? If it does, I'm happy. Because that's what I'm trying to do. Being honest, showing my struggles, my inner angst, demonstrating that life isn't perfect - but that it doesn't need to be to be beautiful.   
And, of course, I'm doing it for selfish reasons - it's my happy place.

Thank you all!!

Much love,



  1. Is that a cat? Withe heartt? Cat's are my fave, then ducks, then dogs, although I'm very afraid of dogs I don't know

    1. No, that's our Blue Heeler. We don't have cats, I'm a dog person through and through :)

  2. Bahaha! Crotch shot.. fantastic. I love that you didn't take a new one.

    And your post was spot on. I loved your question at the end about your readers getting out of your blog what you do. We do :) I sometimes think being a reader is almost better than writing. :)

    xo Annmarie

  3. Love that pic of you. And the fact that it's a crotch shot makes it even better. You're rocking it. And SSSsuch a killer smile :)

  4. There is no way I would get up to be around soggy pets either!! I have never thought of that that each reader is their willingly because of me, what an interesting thought to think over this week!


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