Thursday 13 March 2014

10 things I like about myself


The witty and fabulous Christy from Avoiding Atrophy has created a linkup that I first didn't want to participate in, because  - well, it's a bit of a doozy. See, she wants us all (yes, you too!) to name 10 things I like about myself - and no, you cannot make fun about yourself or play your achievements down or be self-deprecating in any way. See how hard it is??

That's why I first thought I would sit that one out. But then I had another, even scarier thought: What if I can't come up with 10? What if I draw a blank after 5? Or 3?
Once in a while I get brave and accept a challenge, so here I go:

I’m positive. I can see the best in every situation, and this attitude is my favourite trait about myself. It has helped me so much in my life, and makes me believe that there is a solution for every problem.

I’m honest. To myself, and to others. I don’t like to be hurtful, so sometimes I won’t say anything – but I don’t like pretense, fakeness or lies.

I’m funny. The people in my life think so, and they are smart, so it must be true!

I don’t take myself too seriously. Nope, never. It’s way more fun that way.

I’m organized. And I have nice printing. You may think that’s not a big deal, but I like it. The work board looks smashing when I write it up!

I love animals. Animals have pure souls, and if you treat them well they will reciprocate. Except for a few crazies. Yes, there are crazies in every species, animals included. There’s nothing you can do about them.

I stay true to myself. I barely ever wear make-up. Dress up when nobody else does. Don’t watch any of the popular TV shows or movies, but obscure ones barely anybody knows. I drive an old car because it’s not important to me to have a new one. I live with entirely too many dogs and an entirely too old husband, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m strong. Physically (I can do 30 “real” push-ups) and mentally (most of the time).

My laugh is loud and infectious. I love to laugh and do it often. My laugh lines are proof of that.

I like my teeth. Living in Canada opened up a whole new world of oral hygiene products: everything includes whitening ingredients! They don’t have that in Germany. My teeth look way better now than they did when I was in my teens, and it’s all due to drugstore products.  

What are 10 things you like about yourself? Writing it all down actually made me feel better about myself. Try it out for yourself!

Linking up with Christy and Nicole

Love, Miriam

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  1. Aw I loved this post!! It's always great to read about people thinking well of themselves rather than putting themselves down.
    I love all those things about you too! Well, from a reader perspective haha x

    1. We are urged constantly to make ourselves over, improve ourselves, work on ourselves... It almost feels wrong to stop and say: "hey, there are things about me that are good!". I wouldn't have a done a post like this, but I loved reading the other posts to this topic, and thought I would give it a shot. It was a great exercise and surprising how good it felt!
      Everybody should do it.

  2. Great post and all these make me like you even more! I know in Sweden they are just starting to get more whitening things but like you when Fredrik came with me to America his teeth improved too!

  3. Honesty is one of the best traits a person can have! :)

  4. I love this and you have inspired me to work on my own list for the linkup! Thank you for sharing. :)



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