Monday 10 March 2014

The bees are out!

Do you know what that means? Warm weather is coming!!
At least that's what my co-worker tells me, and I believe all good news. ~Happy dance~

It's been a few days since I showed my face around here, and there are several excellent reasons for this.

1. Rich is back!! ~ Happier happy dance~
As you may know, he was gone for 16 days, and he safely returned last Thursday, which is coincidentally when I posted last. Since I'm not pre-planning anything on my blog (I should, but I somehow can't), you get a very life-like account of my life. Does that make sense? If I'm busy or working lots (boo), it's a bit quieter around here. Which is sad. Because I love this space here more than work. But a girl gotta make a living to buy all those dresses she is dreaming about!
(I do not know why I'm all of a sudden referring to myself in the third person. Weird.)

2. My laptop has issues. I hate when that happens, because I don't know how to fix it. Internet Explorer is working, but Google Chrome isn't. I can't use blogger on Explorer, and I don't know why the hell not?!
And why is Chrome not working in the first place? All I have done is restarted it about a million times, and this is not fixing it. Dang it.
(I am writing this on my desktop computer, which is working fine. I am very grateful for having this second option, I really am. The only thing is: I like to be able to move around when I'm writing: from couch to kitchen table, to my comfy easy chair, to my bed, and back. Oh, the eccentricities of writers. )

3. I worked all weekend, and day shifts at that. As much as I love working during the day, I find myself too tired and brain dead to write in the evening. Cooking dinner is a major achievement, and all I can muster usually. Plus, we went out on Saturday night, so there really was only yesterday, and yesterday we needed to catch up on Banshee.
This show offers everything you want in a TV show: Amish people; a good-looking ex-con who assumes the identity of a town sheriff; a cross-dressing, flamboyant computer genius; a barkeeper named 'Sugar'; and drugs and sex (no rock'n roll). It's an excellent show, I highly recommend it! We watch it on Shaw On Demand.

Anyways, long story short, that's what occupied me on the weekend. How was yours?

Getting back to the bees.
I saw them today for the first time this year! At least 6 or 7, buzzing around the snowdrops and crocuses in our front yard.
As soon as I spied them I dropped everything, plopped down onto the damp ground, and started snapping away with my phone.
May I just say, it is harder than it sounds, trying to catch these little buggers in a picture. Turns out they don't seem to like having their picture taken while at work.
Excellent work ethic, busy bees!
You are the bee's knees.
Blurry bee. 
Upside down bee. 
Sun and bee. 

I will stop now, you get the picture. There are three important facts to take away from this:
1. The bees are out, which means warmer temperatures. 
2. They are impossible to take proper pictures of. (At least for me). 
3. There are only so many bee jokes one can make. 

I'm buzzing off now. 

Have a hap-bee Monday! 

Miriam Honeybee

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  1. Yay I loooove bees!! We have a huge tree with little white flowers and the bees are pollinating like crazy. Apparently it's these first few weeks of March when they're swarming for new homes...maybe you'll get a whole lot? Have you ever gotten into bee-keeping? I'm trying to learn!
    Have a BEE - U - TIFUL day!! xox

  2. love the bee jokes ^^ i'm a bit scared of them, but i'm happy they're here!

  3. We are obsessed with Banshee!!! Job is my absolute favorite!!!!! Only one more episode of the season! Yikes!

  4. Yay for your man being home!!! I know you were excited for that!!! :D

  5. Funny girl! So glad your Rich is back and it is getting warmer. The flowers are so pretty. We are having better temps here too...which I love but by the end of the week it is suppose to be cold again :( I'm ready for summer full time now.

  6. Yay for Rich being back! I noticed the greens of my crocus' are up now that the snow has melted (mostly).
    I am considering hard about switching to Wordpress now that explorer and blogger don't play well together anymore. I am having issues with chrome on my laptop too! We picked up Allyson from school yesterday and she wanted to Google hangout with her friends. Nothing but issues- iPad, windows tablet, laptop. So they ended up Facetiming instead. And add in the random "no reply blogger" issues, I ready to make the switch. Making a name change too - leaning towards Long Healthy Life but not 100% on it yet.
    Enjoy your week!!


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