Wednesday 12 March 2014

Meet Bear

Ever since I was little I dreamed of having a big, fluffy dog one day. The bigger and fluffier, the better.
So when I graduated college 4 years ago and started earning money, what was the very first thing I bought with my very first paycheck?

The biggest dog I could find. He is a Great Pyrenees, and exceptionally large for his breed. Mission accomplished!
Next month it will be four years since he came into our family, and I thought I walk down memory lane. Come join me!

 That's him when he first arrived, at 8 weeks old. He was 20 pounds and all fur and paws.
Getting to know daddy.
So happy to finally hold my baby! Stats: 8 weeks, 20 pounds. Oh, and also me with short hair. 
That's him at 16 weeks! He doubled in weight, and doesn't like being picked up any more. 
 Lanky teenager.
 Who loves the water.
Not the most intelligent facial expression I have ever seen. 
 One year old!
Happy smile.

Bear is a gentle giant. He's definitely lazy, and spends the majority of the day snoozing. In the summer he goes into our pond every day, he loves the water! No swimming though, he just wades around in it.

That's Bear! 
Thanks for coming along, I love reminiscing about the dogs and looking back to the time when they were little. 
If you have a pet, come and join Jackie tomorrow for her Pets are people too linkup!
Love, Miriam (+ Bear Paw prints)

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  1. Pyries are one of my fav breeds... I just love mountain dogs in general... Bernese, Saints, Swiss Mountain dogs, you name it!!!! My girl is half Swiss Mountain dog and half lab... Love them!

  2. What a cutie!! I have always loved big dogs but what Sam (our lab) doesn't have in size he makes up in energy. I want a dog that sheds less now that I've lived with one that sheds SO MUCH :)

  3. Oh he is so cute!!!! I would want to squeeze his face all day long!!! His puppy pictures are so adorable!!!

  4. OH my goodness... he looks so SNUGGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO SPOON YOUR DOG!

  5. aww he is so cute and snuggly. what a sweetheart! how much does he weigh now? thanks for linking up! :)

  6. oh my goodness, he looks so huggable and fuzzy! what a cutie.

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  7. I wanted the same breed! I love how big and fluffy they are but I still live home and parents are allergic so have to wait until I get my huge beast. But I do love my golden doodle to pieces.

  8. oh man! i need one of these right now :p I have two chihuahuas though and I'm curious on how they would all get along :p

  9. Bear looks like such a sweetie! I love big dogs too, but I don't think I could go as big as a Great Pyrenees, I'll stick with my labs for now. Sometimes I can't believe that they are 60-70 lbs since we all hang on the couch and sleep in bed together!


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