Wednesday 26 March 2014

Who said you can't buy yourself happiness?

Today was one of those days that started out ordinary but then turned into an unexpectedly pleasant one.
First off, I posted this silly little piece on a whim and got a ton of responses! Turns out, if you put the word 'undies' in your title, people will read it. Who knew?
Thank you all SO much for the kind words and support, you rock! Makes me feel so much better to know I'm not the only one!

I did have the best intentions to go out and buy some new, pretty underwear, and I took myself to the mall to do just that.

What happened next is an old story:
I got sidetracked. This gorgeous, versatile, and very practical item of clothing (protection, really) caught my eye.

Guys, I have become a sucker for hats. There are lots of reasons for it:
1. They are lifesavers on bad hair days.
2. They keep my hair dry.
3. They cover up greasy roots.
4. Have you seen my husband's skin? He's almost 60 years old, and his skin is better than mine! His secret: He has been wearing hats for the last 30+ years. (And also some amazing genes, lucky guy.)
5. They look so good! And stylish! (In my opinion anyway.)

So I did what any sensible woman would do: I entered the store. Which was H&M, and you can probably imagine what happened next.
I don't do the dress justice, it is way prettier in real life. It has hearts on it! And it has 3/4-sleeves, which I love! And, did I mention? It was 7 bucks!
Here I am doing a happy dance:
(Imagine me singing at the top of my lungs as well. Actually, don't imagine that.)

Since I saved so much money by getting this great deal, I couldn't help but buy myself one more thing.
It is the most gorgeous circle skirt in mint, and you can bet your sweet behind that I will feature it on here soon. Just need some sunny weather!
Needless to say though, after I splurged on these items I couldn't justify to buy anything for my behind.
Oh well, another day! (Or year.)

I had worked up quite an appetite after all the excitement. And guess what? Rich happened to be home, and he took me to lunch.

Afterwards we went to a nursery where he bought some plants for a job and I took pictures of plants for my pleasure. 

A pleasant day indeed!
I am planning to post more photos of the outfit tomorrow, including where I got it all.

How was your Wednesday?

xoxo Miriam

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  1. Look at you, beautiful in that lovely hat and fun flow-y dress! Great finds like that make my heart sing too, especially for such a small pricetag! I swear, it's when you're not planning it that clothes start gravitating towards you. I totally bombed a thrift shop the other day and made out with some great finds too ;)

  2. O now you have my really excited for my little H&M shopping I get to do next week!

  3. You are looking lovely in your new outfit!!

  4. This sounds like a happy day indeed! Love the first picture of plants and the dress looks very cute!

  5. 3/4 sleeves are my favorite!!! Hard to find in a dress... good steal!
    I can't pull off hats. You look cute in EVERYTHING! I hate you. ;P

  6. Perhaps the circle skirt would be good for twirling...?

    Your happiness radiates through this post and I am DIGGING it!



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