Thursday 20 March 2014

Style: Bones are cool

Whenever I want to buy something that I really like, but don't need, I do a mini-survey on my personal Facebook - my girls on there never disappoint! They always encourage me to go for it. Enabling or positive support? Who cares, the end result is the same: I go ahead and buy it, with a clear(ish) conscience.

That was the case with this dress. When I first discovered it I couldn't believe my eyes: a dress with labelled (!) bones on it! In case you don't know: I'm an x-ray tech. Is that perfect or what? The labelling is correct, which is a huge bonus. Can't walk around in a dress that has the wrong names of my bread and butter written all over it, now can I?

Plus, the dress has pockets. Pockets make a dress or skirt like a hundred time better, don't they? For one, it solves the age-old question of where to put your hands when posing for a photo. Then you can put your cellphone in, which is always tricky when wearing dresses.
If you feel particularly bloated that day, you can strategically pull the dress slightly away from your belly, making it less obvious. Honestly, the advantages are endless!

Oh, and did I mention that it glows in the dark? I tried to get a picture of it last night, but it didn't turn out. So you have to take my word for it.

Dress: ModCloth; Tights: Smart Set (old); shoes: Old Navy (old); earrings: Claire's

Have you made any purchases lately that put a huge smile on your face?

Happy Friday!
The x-ray queen

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  1. I love this whole look, it's amazing! The shoes are fab, as are the tights with the rest of it being monochrome. Gorgeous! P x

  2. Wow glow in the dark? Supper cool or what! Loving it.
    Popping over from passion for fashion

    X x

  3. Glows in the dark?! How sweet is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love. Love love love. I can't even say how much I love this dress on you. The tights are a perfect pairing. AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK?? Tooooo cool. And you are too gorgeous.


  5. hahaha--That looks pretty fabulous on you...but it also makes me laugh just with the quirkiness of it, and to me, that's a good thing!

  6. Love this dress, the whole look is amazing! Great photo shoot as always. You always have awesome fashion posts. I love your style.

  7. That is amazing and you look perfect!

  8. The dress is really cool! Also your dogs are beautiful. (I love dogs.) The most exciting fashion purchase I made as of late was a pair of overalls. Yeah I know. Overalls. People think they look stupid on an adult. But I love overalls! They are like comfort food to me. Except, clothes instead of food.

  9. You're making me want to cut bangs again!!! Love the dress.

  10. OMG! Love this dress and the super cool way you styled it! Love your pics too. Is that a beautiful Great Pyreness photobombing your shots? :)

    1. No, she's a Kuvasz! But I do have a Great Pyrenees, Bear, he makes an appearance occasionally as well :-)

  11. I am a total sucker for a dress with pockets...if it has pockets then I'm probably buying it! Very cute picture...and the dress fits perfectly so it was a good purchase! I just bought a pair of Frye flats that fit like a glove so I was pretty excited about that and I got them on sale!

  12. Jordan's dad is an x-ray tech! That dress is pretty much the coolest! Does it really glow in the dark? Cuz that's amazing.


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