Monday 17 March 2014


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
What is everybody doing today?

First off, I want to thank each and every one of you for the kind words regarding my blog's birthday. I'm a proud mama and very happy for all the congratulations you bestowed on my blog baby! Thank you all so very much.

Now, moving on to more important issues. Who is drinking green beer today??
If you must know, not me my friend. I had vague plans to go out and get silly today, but maturity (or laziness - who really knows) prevailed. Rich went our for a few pints to celebrate a long-awaited check that came today (yay!), but I decided to stay home with my girl, pear cidre, TV and you guys. Couldn't imagine a better evening!
Tomorrow we have a little day trip planned to shake off the cobwebs, and I am very excited to get out for a day. We will take puppy with us as well!

Speaking of puppy - it's about time that I share a few more pictures with you. Guys, she is growing up so fast! She's 5 months and one week old today, and doesn't look much like a puppy at all any more. Her adult teeth came in (hallelujah for that!), and her face is starting to look like a grown-up's face - I don't know if I like it. But the potty training is going fairly well, and nobody is complaining about that.

Today was a fine almost-spring day, and since it's supposed to start raining again tomorrow, I half-heartedly thought I should take some outfit photos.
I decided to go out on the deck and include Lily in them.

Here is what happened:
"Lily, come out, the sun is shining!"
"I'm coming mom!"
"Is it really true?"
"Lemme see."
 "Yippieh, it is!"
"It's so pretty outside!"
"Uh-oh, mom is starting to take pictures of her outfit. I know what that means... she'll grab me in a minute."
 "I'm outta here!"
"Forget it."


Enjoy your beers my dears!!
xo Miriam

Jeans: Gap (old); sweater: Old Navy (last year); clogs: Lotta From Stockholm

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  1. She is so cute! She looks already so grown-up. That's the sad part, that they only stay so small for a short period of time.
    As a newbie, I really enjoy reading your blog!

    xoxo Anne ~

  2. ha ha, she is so adorable. Very cute outfit! I got a Reuben sammie and a beer last night, but I was still in bed by 9:30, ha ha! It sucks when holidays fall on a Monday.

  3. Lily is too cute. And so are you. Your outfit is so fresh and reminds me that spring is around the corner!


  4. Ha! sweet girl! gorgeous pics and super cute outfit.
    Yay for almost-spring ;)
    It's been raining like crazy here too - and cold!
    So ready for milder temps...

  5. My dogs do the same thing when the camera comes out, Haha!! I LOVE those red clogs!

  6. your dog is so cute :) and i love your sweater!
    btw, i've tagged you! you can find the questions on my page ^^

  7. Lilly is such a cutie! Love the commentary!


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