Wednesday 5 March 2014

Just a couple of things

My sweet friends, just a quickie today to update you on the latest.

  • I'm getting super-excited for tomorrow, 29 hours to go before Rich is back! (But who's counting.)
  • I can't focus on anything.
  • But I managed to update my New reader? Start here! page this morning. Have a look!
  • My dog wants to eat my fish. And I failed to get a decent picture of it due to my inability to focus.  

She was staring at him just a second ago, I swear. 
  • My pores are exceptionally large lately. What's up with that?
  • I still have to clean the house.
  • And do the chores. 
  • It's 11am.
  • And still raining. 
  • But I don't care, because I'm so EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!!
  • Hmm, what to wear?
  • I can't wait for my new dress to arrive:
Available here
It has labelled bones on it! I'm an x-ray tech, so I had to order it. I just hope they labelled it correctly.
Oh, did I mention that it glows in the dark????!!!! 
  • But really, the procrastination has to stop. 
  • I'm going outside now. 
  • But before I do, one last thing: I love you all! Thank you for your kind comments on my last post!!
Farm Girl, out
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  1. My pores have had a mind of their own lately, too! Gahhhhhhhh!!!!

  2. Oh man, I am SERIOUSLY jelly of that dress. Love it!

  3. Happiest of reunions to you :).

  4. The new page looks great! And how can you NOT get that dress? I look forward to the fashion show when it arrives!

  5. That dress is awesome - talk about tickling the funny bone. :)

    I've heard great things about rose petal witch hazel for pores. Worth a shot?

    Yay for reunions!!


    1. Thanks for the tip Amy! I'll give it a shot.


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