Monday 3 March 2014

Love hurts

At least Lily's does. If you are a turtle.
Mr. Turtle has since lost his second eye. And Lily has lost interest. She destroys and moves on. 

Or a couch. Or the carpet.

Or my hand.

But despite roughed up body parts and furniture, I couldn't enjoy hanging out with her more. How I love this little girl! I have done a grave injustice to small dog breeds in the past - I unfairly accused them of not being "real" dogs. How could I! Sacrilege! I am deeply sorry and have seen the error of my ways. 
What could be more fun than this little whirlwind?

Discovering snow for the first time:

Discovering that water tastes better out of mom's glass (while on the kitchen table, naturally):

Mastering the stairs:
"Up is easy!"

"Hmm, I wonder if I can go down...?"
 "Looks kinda steep."
"Do I dare?"
"I can do it!"
"Did you watch, mom? Call me Stair Master from now on."

Life with a puppy is never boring, that's for sure. It may have been a mistake to let her on the table that one time...
You can't tell, but she is on our table on the deck. It still has dead plants from last year on it. Because that is how we roll.

She's almost 5 months old now and, of course, the smartest puppy in the world. 
Just love her to bits!

xoxo Miriam

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  1. puppppppies. So much work and so much cuteness all rolled in to one. And she's a corgi right?? Even though they are short in stature, I don't fully consider them "small dogs." They're stocky, hardy little guys!

  2. OMG too cute!! She is certainly very expressive, love the look on her face when she is at the bottom of the stairs. Sam has two of the no stuffing toys. He has had them for several years but the Kong toys he destroys within months. I still remember when I bought it for Sam (after he ripped the head off a another Kong) and P said "I give it a week"...just one of the many "I was right, moments" :) We wash them and is crazy how durable they have been and at about half the price of the Kong ones.

  3. Oh my goodness... the stair pictures... so much cuteness!!!!! Little rolly polly! :)


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