Thursday 6 March 2014

Style: Dance like nobody's watching

Yesterday I had a spontaneous dance party. It was supposed to be a cleaning day, and it started out promising: I vacuumed the entire house and did laundry.

The next item on the list: dusting.
I hate dusting. It's the most pointless job in the world. You are just moving it from one place to another, and it will settle back into its old spot quicker than you can say "I'm done!".
But I also dislike a dusty house. The obvious solution would be to hire a cleaning lady - but from what I've been told, people actually do more cleaning once they have a cleaning lady than they did before (to avoid the embarrassment of showing how dirty their house really is).
That doesn't solve the problem either.

You know what does?
Putting on some tunes and jumping around like a fool!
Admittedly, I did more dancing jumping around than actual cleaning, but who cares. The dust ain't going nowhere.

Neon pants: Aeropostale (old; I got them on sale for $10, and they are my happy pants); top: Roxy (from Winners) 
 Proof! I did some dusting!
And some singing.
 Gosh, I love this top. It's so flowy and swingy.
 Gosh, I love this dog. Even though she's so bitey and destroyey.

That was my excitement on yesterday's humpday. What did you do?

xoxo Miriam

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  1. I got to go out to dinner last night with my husband then watched House of Cards for the few hours before bed. It was a great night! Love those pants. I just bought a light gray pair of skinny jeans. This is bold for me! LOL

  2. You have so much spirit, it makes me happy through the computer screen!

  3. Love it!! Dancing is so much better than dusting. Good decision.


  4. I love it! Happy dancing and happy pantsing!

  5. Your hair looks the bangs and hairband! And love that Lilly is dancing with you...too cute!

  6. Every girl's gotta have happy pants. Mine are bright green. And I always turn out music and sing very loud when I'm doing housework. It helps. :)

  7. love these photos!!! Happy pants are awesome! I need a pair of those!!

  8. Those jeans are wonderful!

  9. I love that you made cleaning into a fun thing! I hate dusting! :) Your outfit is gorgeous! Love the colorful look!



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