Thursday 29 May 2014

Style: Why is it cold again?

After a few beautifully warm and sunny days that promised an early summer, the temperature has dropped again and it rained like crazy last night. My gum boots are back in service, even though I foolishly believed that I could put them away for the season. Silly me!
The silver lining about this scenario is that I also dug up my old faithful, this fake fur vest.
I love that vest.
It makes me feel like a pioneer woman, out to gather herbs for dinner and waiting for her man to return from hunting. Never mind that I don't have a herb garden...

Hat: Pacsun (from last year); dress and fake fur vest: Winners (old); gumboots: Dunlop

Best friends.

Happy Friday!

xoxo Miriam

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  1. Wow, you look so pretty!
    I like fur vests and the are not out for me in this "summer" - with us cold again too...

  2. Love, love the last picture!!! You should print that one out and frame it! Boo for the cooler weather...I'm happy for it to stay warm here.

  3. I think you need an herb garden. It would compliment the vest perfectly! Love the styling - rough and tough pioneer woman vest with a sweet floral dress. :)


  4. Melt my heart why don't you. The picture of you and sweet bear is perfection. Mariah is right, you need to have that framed.

  5. Such a cute look … and I just adore your gorgeous dogs! What kind are they?
    Dawn Lucy
    Fashion Should Be Fun

  6. That last picture... I'm dying... SO FREAKIN' CUTE!

    1. I agree! It's precious! And sorry to hear about the cold. :(

  7. what a cute outfit! looks perfect for chilly weather. hope the warm weather returns soon!
    jenn @ hello, rigby!


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