Tuesday 13 May 2014

Uniquely You

Who likes clothes?
Silly question. Don't we all? At least us ladies? Since we have to dress in something every day, why not have fun with it? Fashion is such a great way to express ourselves.

Fashion posts are amongst my favourites to do for this blog. They are funny to me, since I never quite know how they will turn out. I usually have a half-assed plan for a photo session, but only about half the time does it work out - the other half I get struck by inspiration a silly idea, and wing it.

As you may know, I'm a huge fan of ModCloth. My ultimate goal is to get them to realize what an asset I would be to their company promoting their dresses, and get them to send me free clothes. It hasn't happened (yet), but they did the next best thing, and invited me to be part of their Uniquely You campaign. They sent me an image, and asked me to create an outfit around it. Don't mind if I do!

Here is the image they sent me (there were no stars originally, I jazzed it up):

I wonder if they saw me wearing their Big Bang dress? They must have, because this beauty is right up my alley.
Creating an outfit was easy, because I dress like that anyway.

Here is my styleboard (you can also find it on Wanelo):

What do you think?

All items found on ModClothdressjacketshoessunniesearrings.

xoxo Miriam


  1. You would look super cute in that outfit!

  2. Hey ModCloth...yea I'm looking at you. Send my Miriam some clothes!! The only way I'll even go to your site is if this awesome woman models them for me in her wacky awesome poses!!! That is all thank you!!!

    You think that will work? lol

  3. I adore your fun farm photo shoots! It is so much more interesting than seeing you in front of a mirror! ModCloth needs to get on board ;)

  4. Yes, love that outfit! Good luck getting modcloth on board ;)

  5. modcloth would be crazy not to grab onto you!!!

    1. I know, right? Hey guys, did you hear that? ;-)

  6. ModCloth doesn't know what they're missing! I love the sunnies and your quirky stylish self. I'm becoming attached to Lily too, must have my daily dose :)

  7. I would definitely wear your outfit! Love your STYLE!!


  8. You ladies rock my world, thank you all SO MUCH for your sweet comments!!!! I love you!

  9. Love the outfit! I think it would make an awesome outfit post ;)


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