Sunday 4 May 2014

Startling realizations

Who would have thought - writing is harder than it looks. Hrumph.
That's just one if the realizations I have made today. I'm stuck already, and that does not bode well. I'm also quite behind.  But I will soldier on, like the determined stubborn German I am. It's only day 4, hopefully it will turn around?

Next realization: May showers bring wet flowers. Womp womp. But they sure look pretty, don't they?

We have created a monster. Or more precisely, we have brought one into our home. I have a sneaky suspicion she was made like that. I'm talking about our Corg-Monster Lily. It's pouring rain, but I decided to take her out for her first "long" walk anyway. Because no sacrifice is too big for my darling puppy. (In truth, I couldn't stand it any more, sitting in front of my computer not writing.) 
I went for my "short" walk, which is 3.7 km (2.3 miles for our American friends). I mean, her legs are so short, and she is barely 7 months old, I was sure it would tire her out.
Did it?
Pfff, think again you naive little fool. My baby is still going strong, bouncing off the walls and ready to play play play, while all I wanna do is lay down and take a nap. 
What were we thinking???

Today seems to be the day where all the cherry blossoms and other assorted blossoms are dying.
Here they are, lying in our driveway. #RIPblossoms

What are you up to on this Sunday?

xoxo Miriam

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  2. We are having May showers as well and I am loving them as they really do make the freshly bloomed trees shine!

  3. The water-covered flowers are lovely!

  4. The flower pictures are SO good! We had a very sunny/warm weekend here and P and I took advantage of it by being out and about :) Oh, Lily...maybe she will grow out of it.

  5. The flowers are so pretty with rain droplets on them!

    I hope you have a great writing week. :)


  6. gorgeous photos! I love flowers with rain on them!
    Pretty Lovely


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