Tuesday 6 May 2014

Meeting the pack

After two days of torrential rain, the sun came back out today in full force. The air smelled fresh and clean, and the scent that envelopes everything when it gets dark - honestly, I can't describe how amazing it is. So lovely that I almost have tears in my eyes thinking about it - but I'm also PMSing, so there's that. 

I chose the two days of heavy rain to take Lily and Snow out for a walk for the first time together. I figured there wouldn't be any other dogs around (there weren't), so I could focus all my attention on my two girls.

You know what? It was totally easy. Granted, Lily pulled like a madwoman the entire time (small dog idiocy I guess), but they got along swimmingly. All the worries I had before turned out to be unwarranted. A great metaphor for life! We seem to make mountains out of molehills way too often. 

First meeting. Blue is watching from afar. 
 She will always be my favourite. Ssshhh, don't tell Lily!

xoxo Miriam

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  1. So beautiful!!! Glad it went well!!! <3

  2. i love your blog, it has inspired me to start my own... where on the island are you???

  3. So sweet!! The family is one <3

  4. What a sweet picture of them touching noses! I was worried about Sam (dog) and Eddie (cat) getting along but basically Sam is afraid of Eddie so they get along fine :) Sam is a crazy puller, so much so that we got him a leader and it makes walking so much better. He still pulls but at least he is not strangling himself, and he is easier to control.


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