Wednesday 21 May 2014

Who's the prettiest of them all?

The other day, Jenny asked me if I could do an entire post about peacocks. Why, what an excellent idea! I wonder why it hasn't occurred to me before - the peacocks are by far my favourite birds on the farm.

We have 3 grown-up males and females, respectively, and a pair of young white peacocks. The whites are just teenagers and still in a pen - if we would let them out, the older ones would beat them up pretty bad. It's a peacock eats peacock-world, man!

The three ladies are sitting on eggs right now, so there may be babies in the future. If there are, I will take pictures and show you - they are the sweetest little things, with tiny crowns on their heads! Just adorable.

 They are even pretty from behind!
Trying so hard to get the chicken's attention. Bitch doesn't care.  
Yeah, better pack it in.
"I'm done." (For now. They never stop for long.)
"What are you looking at?"
(White female.)
The lady is admiring the new set-up the boys have done today. (My boys, not hers.) We now have a bench in front of a rose garden in front of the canary aviary. It's a beauty! Snow and Phoebe agree. In the future we will be sitting there, admiring the roses while simultaneously listening to bird song. We may even sip on a cold drink at the same time! It's absolute perfection. 

One of the best things on the farm is how well all the animals get along. The dogs hang out with the peacocks just fine, without trying to kill them. It's the most peaceful sight ever! The secret is to have herding dogs, no hunters. Plus, once you have an established pack that follows the rules, the newcomers simply copy the older dogs. 

"Meh, I'm done."
"Oh, there you are!"
"Look at meeee!!"

So vain.

xoxo Miriam

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  1. They are so beautiful! I love the picture near the chicken it is so funny that the peacock is all look and the chicken is like no food!

  2. I've never seen a white one before! Do they spread out, too??

  3. I just love how all the animals get along. And I love how the males really like showing off for the camera. They're like, "Yeah, I'm workin' it, ownin' it."


  4. These are great shots! BABY PEACOCKS...I've never seen one before...I hope one hatches!

  5. Amazing. I can't believe you live with peacocks!! Declan would just about die of happiness. Peacock videos on youtube remain his favorite. And please, please show pictures of the babies if they hatch.

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  7. I cannot get over how blue the males necks are!!! Absolutely amazing. I loved this post, Miriam (sorry I am so late in seeing it!). So, do peacocks serve a purpose other than being pretty to look at? I would imagine they would scoff if they heard me ask that. I imagine the male in your picture giving me a lecture on the importance of beauty on the farm. I really hope a baby or two hatches. I have never seen a baby peacock. Also, the picture from behind cracks me up!! Thanks so much for this post. :)


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