Tuesday 30 July 2013

Flood! Or drought. What's your pick?


I woke up this morning, went to the bathroom to pee, wanted to flush - and no water came. What the...?
So I stumbled into the living room where hubs was drinking tea to ask what's going on.

You might not see it, but there's water on
the floor in our crawlspace. Ugh.
Turns out that another pipe broke in the basement. The second one in less than two weeks. And we had a couple last year as well. *sigh*
Darn you 40 year old house with faulty pipes!

Our choice is to either have a fountain in the basement shooting water out at high speed and flooding everything - or turning the water off completely. We went with the second option and now have a farm with no water. That's bad. Really bad. Hundreds of animals with no water! And when we turn it on (which we will have to later) water will gush out in the house! Soak the walls and carpet, get everything mouldy... okay, I have to calm down. Deeeep yogi breath.

You know that also means I can't have a shower, right?
So I will have to either shower at work in the OR change room (which, frankly, creeps me out - I don't want the nurses to see me nekkid!), or go to the public pool across the street. Which is what I will do.

I will never ever again take water that comes out off the faucet instead of the wall for granted!
Rich has been on the phone all morning to get somebody to fix it. His buddy Wayne who helped us last time will come again - you're my hero Wayne!

But that means that we will have to get all the pipes replaced rather sooner than later - which costs big $$$. And means that they will rip open my walls. This all brings me great anguish.

The only bright side about this scenario? I've been contemplating repainting all my walls, which now I will have to do. There's a silver lining if you just look hard enough...

Well I'm off to the pool now.

Hope your Tuesday started out better!



  1. Oh that's no fun! We had that happen the day before Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas at my house the previous 2 years so sadly, I know the frustrations and stress. Hopefully you get things fixed and loved that you found the silver lining!! Hang in there!!


    1. You had it happen before Thanksgiving and Christmas? Yikes! That's even worse. Our friend fixed it (we love him!!) and now there are 3 huge blowdrying fan thingies in there. Interesting look.
      Thanks for your sweet comment and dropping by!


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