Friday 12 July 2013

A redneck adventure

Yesterday was fun.
We took a couple of .22s, a couple of dogs, our youngest one and some empty pop cans and took off into the woods.
Here's what we did (and please imagine a Southern drawl now): shootin', 4x4in', tailgate picnickin', climbin', a bit of swimmin', and a whole lot of explorin'.
(Does leaving the 'g' out at the end make it sound redneck-y? Because that's what I was going for.)

We decided to explore a disabled mountain road to see where it goes - turns out it kept going up, up and higher up, we almost reached snow level. It was cold up there! And we saw Edelweiss! It only grows in high elevations, approximately 1800-3000 meters altitude, which means we went up high. 

The road (if you can even call it that, it was more of a rocky mountain path) was super-narrow, with deep washouts and steep drop-offs right next to it. Scary at times.
But the Beast (our truck) plowed through it like a champ! We love that truck.
Richard even claims to have seen a bear, but neither Lea nor I saw it, so we have to take his word for it. But bear or not, it was a ton of fun!
Father and daughter. They are so much alike it's crazy! The shooting contest turned into a competition which Rich may or may not have won. Hrumph. All we know is that I made 3rd place.
Oh well.
These two always come with us when we go for an adventure!

We found this beautiful spot:
And then this happened:
Why? Who knows the reasons of a teenager.  

I'm always having a good old time with this kid! 
Happy Friday!
What adventures have you planned for the weekend?
xo Miriam


  1. Looked super fun!!!!!
    Great pics girlie, and the post was funny to boot!

    This weekend I get to have a visit under a secret willow tree :) Very excited!

    1. Yes you will, and it will be magical... you and Mila, me and the doggies, and a cute duck family to watch


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