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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


It's HOT.
Especially if you don't have air conditioning in your car. I'm so very fond of it because it has everything I want in a vehicle: it's unique (purple!), it's a SUV, and it's reliable.
But there are a few drawbacks: No power windows, no power doors, the horn isn't working, and I don't have a CD player - there is a tape deck. Yup, a tape deck. Is that vintage or what?? And let me just repeat: no air conditioning. Sweltering.
Here it is:
So cute! I really like this picture because I remember the coldness of that day (it was January 4 and -16° Celsius) and fondly think of it when I step into a boiling, 40° C hot car.
Strangely, I never gave it a name - names are in short supply around here with all the animals that need to be named all the time. We usually call it the "le" - like the French word for "the". Why?
I have absolutely no idea. We just do.

Anyways. I'm getting sidetracked. What was I gonna say? This heat is making my brain mushy.

Oh yes, my vague idea for today was a short update on the 30-day self-portrait challenge from A Beautiful Mess. We are 9 days in and that's what I've got:
My personal goal is to try to showcase little pieces of my life and to create somewhat interesting, creative photos. All with 30 different takes of my big ol' head - yikes!
Well that's what I have so far:

1: First day of my new bangs
2: My I-don't-wanna-get-up morning face
3: Summer hair and sunnies
4: Under the willow tree, my favourite summer spot this year
5: Work right now includes a lot of time in the operating room all day, every day
6: Plaid and bandana, one of my staples lately
7: Got ready for a BBQ with friends
8: Sweaty summer bangs
9: My favourite baby in the world!

I sense a theme here - summer and heat. Which is what we are having here, the best summer ever! 21 more days to capture the magic of it ...

After work I rested in the shade, reading, napping and sipping a cold cider. Not a bad life!


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