Monday 22 July 2013


Today was a happy day!
First reason: My clogs came!! If you have followed this blog at all you will know how much I love online shopping. Ever since I started blogging I noticed that all the cool bloggers wear clogs (I talked about it here), and so I ordered my own pair.
Okay okay, I'm not that pathetic -  I used to wear clogs as a teenager after we went to Sweden on holidays, and I loved them for years. So my latest purchase is a nice mix of childhood yearning/fangirl obsession/online shopping craving.

Here they are! (Disclaimer: I didn't take out my camera today, it's all cellphone pictures.)
Gosh I adore them! And they are comfy to boot, yay!

Aside from that, we went horseback riding today, and I wasn't scared! (Well, only a bit.) After the last time that's a huge improvement.
It was a gorgeous summer day, not busy in the park, and Nick and I cantered a bit! Eight strides at least, maybe even ten. For all you non-horse people, cantering is a slow gallop and the nicest gait there is.

This isn't me. I found this image here

It's a huge deal for me because I'm such a little scaredy cat when it comes to riding, so today was good! Sadly, no pictures, because I'm so worried something might happen that I never take my camera or cellphone with me when I go riding. (I know I'm pathetic.)

After we got home we picked up our new/"vintage" camper: ever since we had to say goodbye to our camper 3 months ago we were looking for a replacement, and we finally found it a couple of weeks ago just down the road. 40+ years old, totally cool 70's style inside (I will post pictures soon!) and only $1,200, it was perfect for us! Can't wait to go camping and for another long road trip later this year.

The rest of today was filled with bird watching and hanging out at the farm. A perfect day!

Rich watching some interesting birds in a tree.

Sun-soaked geese

Kalle Obama, the sweetest little Llama alive.

Our peacocks have lost their tails. Now they will be silent till next year mating season. It's natural, but a bit sad.

Today's selfie for ABM's 30-day-self-portrait-challenge

If all Mondays were like today it would be my new favouite day of the week!

xoxo Miriam


  1. Love the shoes.are they cushioned inside..if so, I NEED a pair! Love tha Llama!

    1. No cushioning inside, but they are surprisingly comfortable for wooden shoes! If you wanna take a look online, I got them from amazon:

  2. Hi Miriam

    I love these clogs! I haven't owned a pair since I was a little girl! I absolutely adore the red colour! Hope you are well Miriam. You are my new favourite blogger!

    Love Vee x

  3. Love your new clogs! The colour is amazing. On a trip to Holland I was amazed at all the people who wore clogs and swore how comfy they were. Glad your horse back riding went a little better this time and I can't wait to see pics of the new vintage camper.



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