Friday 5 July 2013

Last staycation day

TGIF? Not so much, today is the last day of my vacation, booo. :-(
I took a few days off work and spend them at home, and it was glorious! Way better than I thought it would be, due to excellent weather, spontaneous get-togethers and parties, and a very sweet thank you-note.

I hope thank you-notes will never go out of style! They are such a sweet little surprise. Love 'em!

Here are just a few more cellphone pics from yesterday and today:

We took our friends Werner and Margaret to our secret spot under the willow tree. Werner brought his fishing rod and tried to catch a carp - unfortunately, no luck. The carps are spawning right now and interested in more fun things than food. ;-)

Our roses are in full bloom, so pretty!

We also went to the park today for a ride with the horses. Richard made me. I'm the most reluctant rider ever - quite the scaredy cat. It's ridiculous! Working in a hospital and seeing all the broken bones caused by riding accident does not help either. I always make sure I wear clean underwear and no earrings - just in case the ride will end in the hospital. (The earrings get in the way when they take x-rays of your neck, and it's a bitch for the technologist to try to take them out with the C-spine collar on.) I'm not joking.
Sometimes work takes the fun devil-may-care attitude out of things.

But, it was time. Sometimes you just have to face your fear! Be adventurous and all that. Plus, my lovely horse Nick is gentle, sweet - and very, very fat. He needs some exercise stat! So off we went.

We were six people (have never gone in a group that size before), and everything went absolutely fine. Nobody fell off, no freakouts, and I was only scared about 60% of the time, and actually enjoyed myself the other 40%. That's progress! It can only get better from here (let's hope).

There's something about the unpredictability of it all that I find deeply alarming. The horses could get spooked by a multitude of things: other horses, lose dogs, people running about, cars. They have bad days. There might be a mare in heat and they get frisky. (Not having testicles does not stop them. Guys.)
Some horses don't go over bridges (there are two in the park), others don't like water (there's also a water splash). The list goes on.

But on the bright side, my boy is pretty bomb-proof. He's shaped like a tank and has the temperament to go with it. Nerves of steel. Nothing really bothers him and he is calmness personified. He likes the girls, but he will always like food more. I got a good one there, and I will keep at it!

So, off to bed now. Because it's back to work tomorrow for me! (sad face)

Have a great weekend (you non-working lucky buggers)!



  1. Aw it's always a downer to come to the end of a vacation, but it looks like you had a lovely time.

    I'd love to ride a horse! Hopefully next time you'll only be scared 40% of the time and enjoy 60% haha.

    Beautiful photos as always.

    Best wishes, Danielle. x

  2. Thank you so much Danielle! That means a lot coming from such a phenomenal photographer like yourself! xx


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