Wednesday 9 October 2013

Campfire romance

Yesterday was a good day. I was so down the night before, but in the morning it all looked so much better!
In case you need a fail-safe pick-me-up, here is mine: A bonfire. Oh how I love a good fire!
There's just something about staring in the flames, listening to the crackling wood, feeling the heat, and snuggling up to the dogs that's incredibly soothing. And chopping wood is the best stress reliever ever! Makes you feel like superwoman.

This pretty lady is 13 years old!

So satisfying.

It's a bit blurry. Oh well.

 xo Miriam


  1. Love a good bonfire, campfire, fire pit, fire place! Well, you catch my drift. Oh, and great job on the chopping!

    1. My arms are sore today! But it was totally worth it :)

  2. I so wish we could have some sort of fire holding place because I agree it is so very calming!

    1. You can get table fire pits! Check it out:


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