Thursday 3 October 2013

Weekly highlights: home and hair improvements

If there was a theme last week it is this: improvement/change.
Nothing major. But a bit of painting here, trimming of hair there, adding moose sheets to the bedroom (such an improvement!), framing and hanging of farm pictures - you get the picture. (See what I did there?!)
That really took my mind of the, frankly, disgusting weather. I won't bore you with a weather-rant (even though I really want to, but I restrain myself), but, seriously? I dug out my winter coat this morning. On October 3rd. It was barely above freezing. Enough said. (And yes, I'm aware we live in Canada. But here, on this lovely West coast, the climate is mild, and it is supposed to be still warmandsunny!! Grr. )

Deeep breath. It was a good week overall. Girl time, down time, I even cooked a couple of times  - what else can one ask for?

Without further ado, here it is!

Friday, September 27th
Home sweet home, how I adore thee. I was knee-deep in the middle of a looong stretch of evening shifts, so I treasure my time at home during the day.
But you know another highlight of that day? Pizza night at work. Pizza is the best.

Saturday, September 28th
My long awaited Modcloth dresses arrived! To be honest, not on that Saturday. It was 3 days later. But that was my pickle: A whole bunch of fun little things happened on my days off (Sun-Wed), and nothing worth mentioning on that Saturday. So I thought to myself: "Girl, it's your blog, you do whatever the hell you please." (I apparently use my ghetto voice for my pep talks.)
They are short-ish, but oh so cute!

Sunday, September 29th
It was my dear friend Brianne's birthday and we had brunch and Cohibas at the Cactus Club. So good! Afterwards I bought a pair of red corduroy skinnies (I wear them here), and I'm telling you, everybody should own a pair. They are comfy, stylish, and, most importantly, red!

Monday, September 30th
My friend and I went to IKEA to buy picture frames (for my soon to be revealed gallery wall), ooh and aah over their cute displays (I will always have a fond spot for IKEA in my heart, their stuff is so adorable), and have coffee and cinnamon buns. $1.00 for a coffee and big ass cinnamon bun! Is that a good deal or what? There was no time to take a picture of the bun, I wolfed it down in 3 minutes flat. So not lady-like.

Tuesday, October 1st
Isn't the resemblance uncanny? If you neglect the fact that I wear zero make-up, styled my hair differently, and took a crappy picture. Uncanny, I tell ya.
Stef came for a visit and to give my hair some much-needed shape. It looks so much thicker now! Love it. Operation long hair is still going strong, who woulda thought?
We also had our friend Luisa over for dinner, which was Chicken stew with rosemary dumplings. The perfect meal for a wet, dreary fall day! It was a highly enjoyable evening, with a few glasses of wine and great conversation.

Wednesday, October 2nd
One word: paint. I painted our staircase a bright white. Without splattering any paint on the carpet!
It's a miracle. Also, in case you were wondering, chalk paint really works! I had my doubts, but now I have a new chalk board on my newly orange kitchen door, and it's lovely. So yes, lots of painting going on around here, and even more to come. Once I've figured out how to take halfway decent photos of the indoors, I shall give you a house tour. But don't hold your breath, it may be a while.

Thursday, October 3rd
My farmlife inspired gallery wall is up! Très happy with it. It definitely looks better in real life, my photo taking skills are really bad this week. (Sorry.)

And that's that.

Happy weekend friends!




  1. Canadian and a West Coast girl! Wow we must be neighbors then. :-) I always imagined you to be from somewhere more Eastern. LOL I have not idea why.

    Truly an uncanny resemblance in the pics. Oh and I love the gallery wall!

    1. Haha, nope, not from the east. I live close to Vancouver! And you're from the Okanagan, right?

  2. I love going to IKEA too and always time it so we can have some sort of food or snack!

    1. They have unbeatable prices when it comes to food. Love it!


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