Saturday 26 October 2013


Last night was special: The man and I had a proper date night! Weird, I know.
We never really do it. Go on 'dates',  I mean. Of course we do stuff together, but we don't call it a date.
But yesterday felt like one: I gussied myself up (make-up! heels! O-M-G!), Rich put on his best hat and we went into the city to a Sarah Brightman concert.

Three things are special about this:
1. Our kids bought us the tickets for Christmas last year. They were great seats, 2nd row!
2. We never go to the city. It takes a lot for us to make the trek there. Especially on a Friday night.
3. Rich and I used to listen to Sarah Brightman, Russell Watson, and another few opera-inspired singers when we went on road trips. That sort of music always makes us happy.

Please excuse the crappy quality of these phone pictures. I don't really have an excuse. They are bad.  
Here is the thing: We both weren't really in the mood. Tired, it had been a long day, yadyadyada.

We made it in just fine, found parking not too far away, and were in our seats with 10 minutes to spare. Perfect.

And then the curtain opened...

... and it was magical. SO good! One of the few concerts where I was sad when it was over, I could have easily listened for another hour.
It was outer space inspired (which was awesome for StarTrek-fan Rich) with a fantastic light show.

The absolute highlight for me? This:
(This video is NOT from last night, but it's from the same tour.)

It was a great night! How was your Friday?

xoxo Miriam


  1. How lovely to get all dressed up! It is hard to remember to do things like this but they really make life fun!

    1. They do! But the intial lack of motivation is SO hard to overcome sometimes...

  2. Glad you guys enjoyed it. I know we sometimes have to remember to do a "date night" too. We have been trying to make more of an effort lately. It is nice.

  3. sounds like a real date! the right music is the best thing ever!


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