Friday 18 October 2013

Halloween nights

Halloween nights around here are magical.
The last few nights were foggy. Lit by a moon that gets fuller every night.
They are quiet.
The horses are dark shadows, waiting for me in the dark. Neighing in greeting when I get closer with their food.
The sheep are clustering around them in the moonlight.
It is so peaceful. So calm.
The llamas silently glide towards us. Majestic, dignified, graceful. I love those animals.

Sheila, the shyest dog I've ever known, runs to me. Getting herself as close as she possibly can. Wanting as much attention as possible, if just for a short time.
Earning the affection of a shy animal is so precious. I really love that dog. She is so special: fierce, wild, brave, protecting her herd, so independent yet so loving to a few select people.

Halloween nights out in nature are the best kind. I have never experienced them like this before: so magical and spooky, night after night.

Or maybe I never noticed before?

But I'm noticing them now. And I wish you could see them too.

Love, Miriam



  1. I think this might be my new favourite blog!

    I recently won a competition to stay on a farm (post on my blog- sorry!) and it really opened my eyes to be able to appreciate nature and the humble people that work hard day in day out because they love what they do :)

    I love your poetic way of writing and look forward to reading more!

    Katie xo

    1. Thanks Katie! I've read your post about our glamping adventure, it sounds like you had a ton of fun! Beautiful pictures. And how cool that you won that!
      Living with animals is great, we love it.
      Have a lovely Sunday!


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