Thursday 10 October 2013

Never have I ever

Linking up today with the fabulous and funny Amanda from The Lady Okie!
It's such a fun theme, I couldn't resist.

This will be a completely random list, narrowed down to 5 strange truths about me.

Never have I ever...

... had a professional manicure. Or fake eyelashes. Or hair extensions.
How is that possible in 33 years? I don't really know. Guess I missed the boat on that one. And now it's kinda my "thing", being all natural.
(But I do get and adore pedicures! It's not a luxury but a necessity, the skin on my feet is as thick as an elephant's.)

... seen a tree with turning leaves that I didn't like.

... ordered anything more complicated than a Latte or Cappuccino at Starbucks.
No triple-shot soy no foam extra whip cream extra hot extra vanilla concoction for me. (I made this one up. It doesn't exist, does it??)
Hang on, that's not true. One time I ordered a PSL. (And didn't like it. Please don't hate me?? I know I'm the weird one here.)

... been to Disneyland.
And I don't think I ever will. Sorry Disney fans!

... tried Mac and Cheese.
Because I don't like cheese.

I better stop here. And yes I know, I'm a strange one. I freely admit it.
What have you never ever done?

Link up with Amanda!

xo Miriam


  1. I've gotten a manicure just once. For my wedding. It was okay. My friends tried to convince me to do fake eyelashes for my wedding. I said no thanks. Who wants to look fake? I'm totally with you on the all natural look! Thanks so much for linking up! I am loving reading everyone's list. I do think it's a fun theme :) Hope you are having a fabulous day!

  2. I so wish I did not like cheese but I just love it!!

  3. Not liking cheese is kind of weird...but trust me, the manicures and fake eyelashes and extensions are not worth it! I've worked with people who wear extensions every day, and it doesn't seem fun at all!

  4. I have had two manicures, once for a wedding and once because my mom took me and my daughter out as a treat.

    and the most complicated thing I have ever ordered from Starbucks is a pumpkin white chocolate hot chocolate. I just don't get fancy coffee! (or coffee in general, ha)

  5. I get so intimidated in places like Starbucks. I hardly ever buy coffee anyway, so I've never had much practice. :) I usually just find something with a lot of whip cream in the picture, haha.

  6. So true about Starbucks. That's why I got married! My husband just orders the coffee for me now. Kidding! Kinda.. ;)

  7. Never had mac n cheese???
    We have to have KD one day, cuz it isnt even real cheese. It's flouresant orange chemicals. Mmmm sounds great no?? Hahaha we'll have it on a hangover day.

    1. Mmmmh, fluorescent chemicals. That's alright then ;-)


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