Thursday 31 October 2013

Best of October

I like lists. They help me get my mind in order, and is there anything more satisfying than crossing completed tasks off? I didn't think so.
Then there are the lists that highlight the little special moments: Best of the week, season, year... so how come I have never done a proper best of the month??
I'm as baffled as you are. But all this is changing right now!

As of today, I will post a little blurb monthly about some of the best things that happened that month.
To give it some sort of order I decided on the number 9; mainly because I like squares (instagram, cinnamon squares, stickygrams), and I figure it should be possible to find 9 nice things every month, right? We will see how that goes.

Without further ado: Best of October!

1 This month I continued with some of my home projects. In September I painted the living room and kitchen, and at the beginning of October I did our stairwell. All in bright white, with my long wished for gallery wall. They are all pictures from the farm, and all but 3 (Sasha took those) photographed my me.

2 I also painted the front door red. It was deep brown before and I used no primer, so it took me 4 coats! But I love the result.

3 The weather! Do you see the goldeness? I think we broke some records, driest and sunniest October since Expo '86 or something. If you want to read some more how I go on and on about fall, check these out: ReflectionsSaturday SnapshotsHalloween nights and Fall obsession (in cellphone pictures).

4 My hair is growing, I have a bob now! It may not seem like a big deal to you long-haired girls, but after 10+ years with a super-short pixie - it is.

5 Date night with my love, saw the great Sarah Brightman in an amazing concert. All courtesy of the kids! That made it extra special.

6 Finally, I found a background I love for this blog of mine. After a long search I found the perfect fit: It's red (I love red), cellphone-photographed (cellphone photography is my thing), and the plant is in our front yard (personal touch). Yay!

7 I was featured for a week on the Better Blogger Network. Thanks BBN!

8 We bought a new car for me! After my old one broke down quite spectacularly in the States last week we found another one that has all the requirements I need: it has a story (i.e. it's older, a 2002 to be exact), character (i.e. a wee bit of paint missing here and there), is a 4x4 for our adventurous lifestyle (i.e. it will be used 90% of the time driving around in a perimeter of 30km or so, on solidly paved roads), and the most important one: It's a Ford Escape, and I always wanted one!! I'm SO happy. Plus it has automatic windows, power locks, a CD player, a working horn, AC and ventilation, which are all things my good old Tracker didn't possess in the end (or ever). And the best part? It has a functioning engine!! This one is a keeper.

9 What's the greatest thing about October? Halloween of course! Even though my dressing up this year is limited to skull earrings and a feather mask.

Next month I will participate in another challenge, maybe only halfheartedly - it's a blog every day challenge, and those are really hard. But since the sunny fall days seem to be over for the foreseeable future (do I hear a sigh of relief that my relentless waxing on poetically about autumn and onslaught of pictures will be over now?), I thought some good old writing is just what the doctor ordered. I'm excited for it!

Party your little hearts out my freaks, witches, vampires and Mileys! This night belongs to you.

Love, Miriam

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