Friday 25 October 2013

Weekly highlights: the 3 F's

Once again it's Friday. Only 9 more left this year! How fast this year is whizzing by is beyond me.
But enough of that old folk talk.
Last week was filled with fog, friends, and family. It was a good one!

Friday, October 18th
The fog created this mystical, spooky atmosphere that I thoroughly enjoyed. I also wrote about it here.

Saturday, October 19th
Saturday was a day where I cooked, walked, painted, took snapshots, and watched a movie with Rich. Wild, I know. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, October 20th
For the first time in - how long has it been, 8 month? - I did a yoga DVD. Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior, to be exact. Oh boy did he kick my out-of-shape behind!
Oh, and I also (re-)joined Twitter!

Monday, October 21st
I was so sore from the workout that I complained a lot, took a hot bath, and then limped off to work.

Tuesday, October 22nd
Met a friend for lunch, which meant I got to wear a dress! Polka dots make me happy.

Wednesday, October 23rd
The day where I went shopping with my daughter, our car broke down and we experienced some outstanding human kindness.
Also, our friend Karl-Heinz from Germany arrived! He will stay with us for 2 weeks. Yay!

Thursday, October 24th
Went for a long (8km!) walk with my friend, her baby and my Snowy. The weather couldn't have been any more gorgeous, the company was lovely, and we had a good talk as always.

Today will be busy: I'm gonna prep for tomorrow where we have the kids and a few friends come over for a belated Thanksgiving dinner. And tonight we will go to the big city for a concert. Which is unusual for us! So I'm excited.

What have you planned for the weekend?

xo Miriam


  1. your nature posts on instagram make me happy every day :D have fun at the concert!

    1. Oh yay! :) I've tried to figure out your username on instagram, but couldn't mysterious lady...

  2. I totally want to start doing yoga again. I need to find a class or get a dvd or something. :) Love the pics especially the foggy one.

  3. Oh yoga - I love it, but I hadn't done it in so long that I was extremely sore the next day and haven't done it since (it's now exactly one week later). It's so hard to get into a routine and so easy to fall out of it! Not fair


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