Thursday 17 October 2013

Fall obsession (in cellphone pictures)

What a glorious fall we are having! I've taken a ton of pictures lately, most of them with my cellphone and instagrammed, and decided I simply cannot deprive you of a selection of them. Love fall, this fall especially, it's so pretty!
Here ya go.
What I enjoy most is the colourful nature (obviously), crisp mornings, and warm, sunny days.
What do you like about fall?
xo Miriam 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looking at them makes me miss you, big time.

    Fall is gorgeous. I also love the colors. Obsessed with the changing leaves.
    I also love the smell of the crisp air. Mmmm. And I love throwing on a comfy sweater.

    1. Another great thing? A long walk with a good friend, a baby and a dog - and hot (spiked) apple cider after. How about it?

  2. perfect.
    now, the temperatures just need to catch up with the changing colors ;)

  3. Lovely pictures. The black & white picture of the victorian house looks like a screenshot from a Hollywood movie.

  4. You photograph fall well. Wonderful pictures!

    I love fall too. The colors, the smells, and the fact that fall signifies that my birthday is right around the corner!


  5. Fall is such a photogenic season! Thanks for all the lovely comments everybody:-)


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