Tuesday 29 October 2013

Style: I wanna be a pioneer (in skinny jeans)

Honestly folks, if it were up to me I would go on and on about this beautiful, amazing, incredible autumn we are having this year. Oh wait, it is up to me! I don't want to bore you, but seriously: Could it be any more gorgeous? The answer you are looking for is no. I'm obsessed with this fall, the colours, sun, everything.
Our animals love it too, there are a lot of happy chickens, dogs, llamas, sheep and horses around! Oh, and peacocks, too. (The ducks and geese don't care either way.)

Because of a nicer than usual spring, great summer and now spectacular fall (BC, you are really bragging this year, don't ya) we have spent a ton of time outside. Which always makes us wish to live in our fictitious cabin in the woods one day. Preferably in a semi-desert climate? I wouldn't mind a bit living outside year-round. It's awesome. Cooking over an open campfire, sleeping under the stars... Actually, on second thought, I do love a comfy bed. Scratch the sleeping under the stars bit. Unless we would have a bed outside... Hmm, I will have to give that thought some serious consideration.

To make a long story short, all this was the inspiration for my outfit. Lately I keep buying hats, especially cowboy/pioneer/Western-inspired ones - for that time when we go living out in the wilderness somewhere. But I won't give up my skinnies and pretty dresses! No siree.

Boots: Target
Pants: American Eagle (last year)
Cat-T-shirt: Ross
Chambray shirt: Old Navy
Necklace: Smart Set (2 years old)
Hat: Wet Seal

xo Miriam 


  1. Love the look! Sleeping outside under the stars would be awesome with a comfy bed. I agree, BC has been extra beautiful this year!

  2. Once when I was about 11 I went to camp with the Girl Scouts and one day they made us do a hike and sleep under the stars, it was both frightening and thrilling at the same time.

  3. Love the hat and love this time of year, it is so beautiful. Not sure I would give up my bed anytime soon but sitting outside with a glass of wine, that is a definite.



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