Friday 11 October 2013

Weekly highlights: more renos, a renewed commitment, and ...

... a (emotional) Rollercoaster.
That's the word that describes last week best. It went from a crippling back ache (Friday) over all-day sleeping (Saturday) over down in the dumps (Monday) to a commitment to cooking more (and healthy) again (Sun-Thu!) to having an absolute blast on Thursday with a fun little photo shoot in my front yard.
Can you say PMS? Nasty little hormones! Well, at least it's done for another month now, the next couple of weeks should be smooth sailing mood-wise.
Friday, October 4th
No picture was taken on this day. The short version? Bad back + crazy busy day at work + people feeling sorry/laughing = forget about this day.

Saturday, October 5th
I had to call in sick for work, and spent the whole day in a pleasant, muscle relaxant-induced hot bath- and nap-haze.

Sunday, October 6th
Sunday was so much better. And the weather was gorgeous! Warm, sunny, blue-skied. After work, Rich and I spent a happy hour (in every sense of the word, there was pear cider) with the dogs by the pond. After that I took my girl for a nice evening walk in the balmy, oddly warm air. After a home-cooked meal of chicken and shrimp stirfry with brown rice, we watched some TV and I ate an entire bar of chocolate.

Monday, October 7th
After that bar of chocolate from the night before (it's all PMS's fault) I was inspired to cook something healthy. Baked salmon, brussel sprouts and yam it was. Yum! I also cleaned up around the house that day, ran some errands, and had a sudden onset of severe sadness that night. Depression + PMS = double whammy.

Tuesday, October 8th
I woke up to a new day that looked friendly. The storm had passed, the clouds lifted. After painting some more around the house, we had a cozy campfire. And after that, our friend Luisa came for dinner again, just like last week. The beginning of a new tradition?

Wednesday, October 9th
Rich had to leave for work at dawn, so I was in charge of feeding the critters. Which is beautiful in nice weather! It was so pretty that I went for a walk later and snapped a picture of these horses that are not our own.

Thursday, October 10th
I was inspired to do an impromptu photo shoot in our front yard. Phoebe is the perfect model!

Have a fun Friday night peeps, it's bed time for this gal! (After all, it's almost 9pm, and I have to get up early tomorrow.)

Love, Miriam

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