Wednesday 8 October 2014

A letter to myself in 10 years

Dear 44-year old Miriam,

how are you doing? I hear your 20th wedding anniversary is coming up, congratulations! It's wonderful that you two are still so happy. And he looks great for 70! Hasn't change at all in the last 10 years. 
By the way, good call 10 years ago on getting back to dying your hair again, judging by your roots you are completely grey now. Still not on top of your beauty regime, are you? No surprise there. But seriously girl, take care of these roots stat.

Speaking of which, you are still working at the same hospital? Good, good. It's been - 15 years? Time for your gold pin soon, isn't it? Oh, they don't do that any more? Figures. Well, as long as you are happy there. Did you get any promotions? No? Huh, okay. It's good to be content, that's true.

Still living on the farm? With entirely too many dogs and peacocks? Great, I was betting on that. The little Corgster is still around I hope? Of course she is, that dog will live forever. 

Hmm, but it sounds like nothing has changed over the last 10 years. Have you not grown in any way? (Apart from around your hips, you have to watch out for that, girl.)
Have you taken any chances, chased your dreams like you were always blabbering on about 10 years ago? 

Didn't you want to be a writer? How is that going? Did you ever write that book you wouldn't shut up about? Hey, don't look at me, 44-year old Miriam. I'm busy. There are dogs that need to be walked, blog posts to be written, a husband to not totally neglect, chores to be done, and a job I have to go to. When should I write a book? Can't you just tell me if I found the time next year, or maybe the year after?

Oh. You won't. Bitch move, future Miriam. Well, guess what: I'll show you. I can do it!
You just wait and see.

Today's prompt was: A letter to myself in 10 years 

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  1. "And did you ever see Hocus Pocus?" lol or "Do a meet-up with Samsam Cherie?"
    I love this letter! What a great idea :) I don't know what I would say to my future self...definitely something about travel though! (And a family...and kids...and a chocolate lab...and a
    ~ Samantha

  2. I'm certain that Future Miriam and Future Amy will still be friends, so I asked Future Amy to ask those questions of Future Miriam. She refused. Bitches run together. :)

    Love the letter!


  3. This made me smile Miriam. It also brought a tear to my eye. You know just how to do that :). I hope you're well sweet friend.

  4. Haha Miriam, the roots - hilarious. Cute how we apparently made both a comment on our hair in that letter ;)
    Ok now i want to know how come you have peacocks living on your farm. I'm so jelly right now. We have a peacock island near by Berlin, you've probably heard about it before - it's a great place for a day trip...(i should probably write about it one day).
    Love that being a writer dream...
    Luchessa @

  5. LOL...I loved your take on this! Present Miriam is sassy, I don't think future Miriam appreciates that tone ;) The books there, I just know it! Hugs M!

  6. Awesome Letter! I know you can write your book. It will be done by the time you are 44. Just wait and see.


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